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Old and tired and sick and gray


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That is how my brother in law responds when you ask him how he’s doing...and I get it! I’m almost 68 and in good health and pretty good shape, but the aches and pains (that my friends claim are due to age) are creeping in. On that note I will lose many listeners because the younger crowd cannot relate, but I am joining this forum because I would love some like minded people in my world. I am very strong willed so I expect to succeed at my second Whole30, but continuing with healthy habits may be an issue. I am on day 16 and incredibly lazy and unmotivated...consequently pretty angry and frustrated! I am a people pleaser which serves me in two ways. It makes it pretty easy to follow the plan, even when it makes me grumpy, but it also makes it difficult, when I socialize, to say “No” to drinking and eating the wrong foods. I find little support for a plan that is designed to help deal with overall health rather than weight loss. Again, I reach out to this forum and hope to find others in the same boat.

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