Day 13 - Accidentally been eating non-compliant

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I really screwed up. I've been eating compliant foods in good faith, but I made an absolute boner of an error. I've included a lot of nuts in my daily diet, but forgot that peanuts are not a nut but a legume. I've eaten them among other nuts all along, so it turns out I've been non-compliant all along. I've read reddit boards about such a situation, but this isn't a "I missed the corn syrup in the small print." Should I keep going and toss the peanuts, or is this a fatal error?

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Whole30 is an elimination diet. The point is to eliminate the things most likely to cause issues for people for at least 30 days, see how you feel without them, and then do careful reintroductions of those items one at a time to see if they do cause any problems for you, so that going forward you can decide whether to eat them or not knowing how you feel when you do.  If you've been eating peanuts all along, you haven't eliminated legumes.

Technically, any time you're doing whole30 and eat something that is not compliant, you are supposed to start over. No one can force you to do that, though, you have to decide for yourself. If you want to do a Whole30, you have to do 30 days following the rules. If you're not sure right now whether you want to start over, ditch the peanuts and keep going, and as you get closer to your day 30, you can decide whether to keep going or not.

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