Day 15 and haven’t really noticed any changes

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This is my first time doing whole 30 and I guess I thought I would experience more side effects or symptoms right now. Just about halfway through this and I feel about the same as I did before. 

I did eat relatively healthy before this so maybe that could be why? I’m just nervous that I’m not doing it right somehow. I do probably eat too much fruit than what is recommended, could that have a big impact? 

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The list of NSVs and the calendar of what to expect are the extreme scenarios. Many people will only experience some, and not even many, of them. Especially if you've come from a healthy diet already, you may not notice much, that's also true for if you don't have any intolerances. I don't get any of the withdrawal symptoms, I wasn't eating sugar every day before W30, and I'd quite often have days where what I ate was very similar to a day on W30. I do get a lot of positive effects because I very much have intolerances and so I feel much better on W30, but I don't get tiger blood or anything. 

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I agree with what has been said. I am starting my W30 on Sunday. I'm taking about 6 days before hand to kind of prepare, gradually adding compliant foods and weaning off others as that helps me with side effects. If you were eating pretty clean before then you may not get those side effects. You may, however, notice things when you start doing reintroduction. But if you don't - hey - that's cool too! 

I would challenge you to back off on the fruit and just see what happens. It probably doesn't make a huge difference, but it might ... you may discover you have a sleeping Sugar Dragon that needs conquering. :ph34r:

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