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Started Monday August 24th


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49 minutes ago, ColleenDCV74 said:

This is my second Whole30.  It is harder this time because I'm working from home every day.  When I could go into the office I had much less temptation.   I'm determined to do this but wow is this hard.

Sorry you're having difficulty... working from home definitely has it's benefits and it's drawbacks!

Can you try and give your day some structure?  Get up, do your old morning routine including however breakfast looked, 'go to work', don't wander out into the kitchen/pantry etc..., leave your desk area to have lunch, go 'back to work', and then wrap up and do your dinner routine.  Of course there's temptation but it might be easier to resist if you commit to structuring your day - believe me, I know it's hard, I worked from home from March until August... everything about making structure in this trying time is hard including food, showering, getting dressed, exercise... be firm but gentle with yourself while you're trying to get a new Whole30/work from home routine.

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