Total Noob -- in Alaska

Katrina Stonoff

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We haven't even STARTED yet (we start tomorrow), and I'm already discouraged.

I've eaten salad for lunch for years, but of course my Keto salad dressing is non-compliant. I was really excited to try the Whole30 brand of dressings -- they sound amazing -- but Thrive doesn't ship to Alaska. (Aside: why the heck not? If I'm willing to pay extra for it, why wouldn't you?)

Second, I'm a big soda drinker (Diet Coke with Splenda). I really like Hintwater (which I used to order by the case before we moved to Alaska), so I thought ... no big deal. But they don't ship to Alaska either. :-( 

I'm sure you all have gone through these kinds of crashing disappointments already, and I sound like a really whiner ... but I have to admit I'm a LOT less enthusiastic about having to choose between eating salads plain or making my own dressing (who has time?!). And I've tried and tried and tried to reprogram myself to drink plain water, and it has never worked. I grew up drinking soda and sweet tea, and I just don't get enough liquid if there's no flavor in my glass. I simply don't drink it. Like I said, I have tried repeatedly. And I'm almost 60. I don't have a lot of hope that suddenly I'll discover I love drinking tasteless water.

Third, I have a very specific question to ask on the forums. And I'm sure it's been answered a thousand times. But I cannot find a "search" button to save my life. And when I read the rules, it says to search before asking. *sigh* Oddly, when I "search" for the word "search," it appears to show a search button, but it's buried under the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. buttons, and I cannot access it.

I'm trying really hard not to just give up before I even start.


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The easiest way to search is to use Google or your favorite search engine. Searching Whole30 plus your question, or Whole30 forum plus your question will usually return links to the forum or the official page among the first few links.

Water is one of those things you may just have to make yourself drink. A little lemon or lime juice may help (watch the bottled stuff, it often has sulfites), or teas, or infused water (cut up fruits, vegetables, or herbs, place in a pitcher of water, leave in the fridge overnight -- the water will take on the flavors of whatever you put in it), or a splash of fruit juice. If you like fizzy drinks, club soda plain or with any of the above.

Salad dressing doesn't have to be complicated. You can use vinegar and oil, or make some mayonnaise (easiest recipe if you have an immersion blender:, or mash up a avocado with some lime or lemon juice. 

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Salad dressing is very easy to make.  If you don't have an immersion blender, now is a good time to get one since it makes it even easier to whip up batches of mayo and salad dressings, etc.  Once you start making your own dressings, you'll realize how fast it is and how much more economical.  It pays for itself pretty quickly especially if you're a fan of blended soups.  I usually make mayo and salad dressing at the same time and just do the mayo first then, without even washing the stick blender in between, use it to do the salad dressing.  Look up "dump ranch " salad dressing for a super easy and awesome recipe.    And of course you can also just mix up oil and vinegar with your favorite seasonings, no blender required.  Good luck with your Whole30!  

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I'm in Australia and on round 6 and we have basically NONE of the compliant options that the USA has lol - we even have to go online or to specialty shops just to find compliant salsa! So I feel ya.

Dressings are easy, and you can throw together a big batch. There are oodles of recipes. For drinks - I have a Soda Stream and love sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime juice. 

Keep it simple - I've never had access to all the prepared compliant stuff the mainland USA has, so while I'm a little envious, I don't know any different :)

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