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Hello! I am on day 30. I have noticed quite a few NSV's, and my pain and inflammation/muscle soreness was getting better, but all of a sudden it is terrible. My lower back is incredibly stiff and hurts a LOT. Clearly it's not any of the things I've cut out (dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten) and I'm beginning to think nightshades are the problem. I love tomatoes and I eat them a LOT. My question is -- should I continue on, and just eliminate nightshades along with everything else? Or should I do the reintroduction while also cutting out nightshades?

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It's ultimately up to you, but I think you'll probably get better results if you can eliminate nightshades first, and when you're feeling better, then start reintroductions. It will probably take cutting out nightshades for at least a few days before you feel better, if they're what is causing the problem. If you reintroduce something while you're still in pain, and it turns out that one of the side effects that reintroduced item causes for you is joint pain, you won't necessarily notice that pain because of the pain you're already in. 

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Hi, KKitty. I have chronic pain and chronic illness too. I've done a couple Whole30s and a lot of "Whole-30-ish" long-term eating. Though I do some coaching, it is not health coaching, so please don't take my post as professional nutrition advice!

That said: if the Whole30 helped you notice nightshades, that's a great thing. If I were in your position, I'd turn this into a Whole60 or at least a Whole45, and eliminate the nightshades, too. Shannon suggests something similar. Then do the reintroductions—slowly, and not starting with nightshades. Reintroduce lentils, wait three days, etc. Do that for a whole month, then try a potato.

Note that some people react to some nightshades but not others, or that our reactivity goes up and down. One of my children is currently in high reactivity due to allergies and mold exposure—and is suddenly allergic to potatoes. Tomatoes seem to be fine. When I had nightshade reactivity, it was eggplant that knocked me out. So anyway, if you do your reintroductions slowly, you may find that after 30-60 days of being off nightshades AND other problem foods, you're able to have one or two nightshades no problem.

Honestly I think most of us with serious chronic inflammation have to get to about 3-4 months of "Whole30-ish" or hardcore paleo/W30 before we can really get good elimination diet results. So it may just take a while.

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