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Cooking for 1


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This isn't my first Whole30, but it IS my first Whole30 cooking for one. My oldest son moved out a few months ago and my youngest is moving out this weekend. On one hand, it's ideal, because I am far too easily tempted by the idea of ordering pizza or Chinese food, and when it's just me it's a lot easier to quiet the little devil on my shoulder. On the other hand, I am NOT used to cooking for one. I am used to making family-sized meals. 

I can only do protein plus veg plus fat so many times before I'm kicking and screaming and instantly in "this is stupid" mode. I do better with recipes - Pad Thai, casseroles - that sort of thing. Leftovers more than once and I'm back in the kicking and screaming mode because I want something different. But I still think it's doable to appease my inner spoiled child and do W30 at the same time. :blink:

My question, then, is this: what recipes do you have that are well suited for feeding 1 or 2 people? Those of you who do cook for one or two, any tips for prepping without hitting the food boredom phase and boycotting leftovers all together? 

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