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On Day 25, BM/GI suddenly not well?


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Hi guys! I’m only 5 more days away from completing my Whole30 !!!

I was doing pretty well with Bowel movements and bloating for the first 23 days! It’s the main reason I decided to do Whole30. Everything was GREAT!


But suddenly, two nights ago, I had a pretty bad stomach ache and diarrhea... then yesterday, I was bloated all day. Today, I’m experiencing a stomach ache again!!!


I did look into FODMAPS (i eat garlic, onion, potatoes very often) but I was consuming all of those things the first 23 days, why would I suddenly be experiencing symptoms, right? 

I exercise regularly and am in good health. Before I started Whole30, I was pretty healthy for the most part too.


any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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