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So the whole reason I'm starting a September Whole 30 is mainly for my energy drink addiction. The last 2 years (ever since I had my 2 year old haha) I have developed a daily need for C4 energy drinks, reign, or bang, anything! It's ridiculous! I've done 3 whole 30's in the past and never worried about this before! I'm worried I won't have any energy for my workouts and will feel like crap, Guess I just need some insight or what everyone drinks before their workouts? black coffee? nitro? Just suck it up buttercup. haha It's really freaking me out, so dumb! Thank you! 

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Coffee at most. 

Those drinks fake you out into feeling like you actually have the energy and then it turns into a vicious cycle of needing them because you're just so dang exhausted. 

Take an extra rest day as an active recovery day as you need it while you're getting yourself weaned off those drinks. 

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On 9/5/2020 at 2:36 PM, LizBeam said:

 Just suck it up buttercup. haha 

I'm struggling with that same thing. I've been easing into W30 (with today being Day 1) and not having my morning Bucked Up to get me going is super hard. I really like that niacin flush and the boost of energy - and working out without it is HARD. The book says to eat a small amount of protein 15-75 minutes before workout. That hasn't made a difference for me in terms of energy, but because I work out in the morning I think it's necessary so I don't pass out. :blink: I think working out on a tummy full of coffee would be uncomfortable (but that's just me). I am just praying that eventually I get used to it and can get my sweat on without it. 

If you can figure out a way to get that niacin flush in a W30 approved way, please share! LOL

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It depends how hard your workout is and what it is. In the early days of my w30 (I’ve done 2 now) I eat the pre/post workout snack any time I am going to be running for more than about 45 mins. Once I am through the first few weeks I usually phase out the workout snacks and have something later in the day- this works for me much better. 
today I ran a half marathon so I made a shake with nut milk, banana, shake of salt and almond butter about 45 mins before, plus a coffee. I did however prep for this yesterday by ensuring I was properly hydrated and carb loaded by having sweet potato at my evening meal. This gave me enough energy for (almost) 2 hours straight running/hills etc. 

I don’t know why you’d want niacin flush (maybe this means something different in USA to UK but here it means your face goes all red and hot because you’ve took too much niacin supplements) - niacinamide won’t make you flush and you can get it in abundance on W30- ground beef, fish, avocados and liver are all compliant and excellent sources of it. 

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