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Hello.  I am brand new to Whole30 and am frankly, kind of worried about getting enough protein.  I am a pescatarian, but I eat no eggs.  I can't imagine eating fish three times a day for thirty days.  Can someone give me some guidance here?  Can I have a wee bit of greek yogurt?

Thank you all!  I am very excited about this!

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Having even a wee bit of greek yogurt would mean you aren't doing a whole30. There is some guidance for vegans and vegetarians here:, which you could choose to follow if you want to. Some legumes are ok on whole30 now, see this explanation: That could be a source for some protein. 

As you're considering whether to follow whole30 strictly or to follow the vegetarian/vegan options, consider what you want to get out of whole30. It is at its most basic a 30-day elimination diet. The things that are left out are the things most likely to cause issues for most people, so including any of them could mean you don't get as good a result as you might if you leave them all out. Including a bit of greek yogurt means you won't have eliminated dairy, and therefore don't have the opportunity to reintroduce dairy to see how you react to it.

If the elimination/reintroduction aspect doesn't matter to you, or you've done an elimination diet before and know how you react to foods, and you just want some guidelines to help clean up your diet, you may decide that including greek yogurt is fine. That is up to you, but it is something you should think about.


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