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Now that I’ve finally been able to access the forum, I wanted to make a comment on the process of proving that I was not a bot.  I was asked to answer a question about the colors in the whole30 logo, which is not visible on the sign-up page for reference.  When I went out to the home page to look, I noted that the logo was indeed blue and grey as the question suggested, but did not see the third color I was being asked to name.  I guessed until I got it correct, but it made the process extremely frustrating.  Usually, when captcha wants one to identify pictures or type out a code from a graphic in order to confirm one’s humanity, there’s an option to refresh the picture if you can’t discern the correct answer.  It likely would be helpful to future users if there were a way to refresh the challenge question on request.  Thanks for your consideration!  

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I've just signed up for the forum and am still learning what's what. I haven't had any problems with registering, and checking for the bot was exceptionally easy. Thanks for the really easy access to the forum! :)

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