No sugar for 30 days...reset/post-whole30

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I had a semi-successful whole30 in 2019...didn't make it quite to 30 days, but close enough for me.  I was and still am proud of myself.  My last 100% compliant whole30 was back in 2014.  I don't know why, but it was easier to be strict when Whole30 was new to me.

I wanted to do a whole30 in August, but it did not go well due to birthdays and such.  

Sept 1st I transitioned to being mostly vegetarian (but I eat fish, eggs, and dairy).  So, technically pescatarian.  

I have been struggling for awhile with eating too much sugar and dairy instead of focusing on nutritious vegetables and fruit.  Since becoming pescatarian, I have been eating much more veggies, but I'm still trying to fix  my unhealthy breakfast of a bagel and coffee with lots of sugar.  Also my night time snacks have been carbs/cereal/bread, unhealthy fats, and sugary sweets.  (That unfortunate SAD).

I would like to go 30 days without sugar, white/wheat flour, and dairy in order to improve my meal choices.

This is not a whole30 because I plan to eat some rice, soy, and beans (which don't affect me negatively).  Beans are currently my main source of protein, but I would like to adjust my breakfasts to include eggs, and add in a couple more dinners with fish.


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Mission "Eat Less Empty Calories" (Non-Whole 30 Log) - Day 1

Breakfast: Two eggs fried in coconut oil and a sliced apple

Plans for lunch and dinner:

Lunch: Roasted broccoli, Roasted Carrots, Leftover lentils in tomato pasta sauce.

Dinner:  Stir Fry Vegetables (green beans, mushrooms, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, ginger, garlic) with small amount of rice.  Organic soymilk fortified with B12. (protein from veggies and soymilk)


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Well, the rest of day 1 didn't go exactly to plan, but it went well nonetheless. 

Lunch: Cucumber and leftover lentils in pasta sauce

Dinner: Stir Fry Vegetables and Rice.  I used the exact vegetables I wrote above and it was delicious over rice.

Picked up groceries curbside- carried LOTS of bags up a few flights of stairs and then:

Dinner Part 2 - Had more stir fry vegetables and rice (and some almonds) in order to make sure I would be full for the rest of the night.

2 glasses of green tea today and plenty of water. 


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Just wanted to say that I love this plan for a reset.... sugar is also the one place where my eating feels truly unhelpful and out of whack.

I spoke to a friend this weekend who permanently gave up "recreational sugar" (I love that phrase). Perhaps that's something for me to think about. If the cookies are antagonistic to my overall wellness today, is that going to magically change tomorrow?

You're sure to experience a lot of benefit from this reset — I look forward to tracking your progress.

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