Not all kombucha is created equal

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this is my 4th whole 30. And just now realized that not all kombucha is accepted! I had a swig of Health Aide this evening. Now I don't know if I should start all over again or not. If I add 13 days to my whole 30, my wedding will fall in that time frame! While I do not plan to be excessive and have some ideas for food there that will be good, I did not want to be following the rules completely at that time. Any advise in how this sip of booch affects the program would be appreciated. 

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I wouldn't reset for that, myself. Health Aide may have a droplet of sugar that didn't already get digested by the SCOBY, and best to avoid next time -- but seems like it's not an enormous deal?

I'm totally not a W30 coach or staff person, so hey, what do I know? But having done a couple Whole30s and a lot of "Whole-30-ish" long-term eating, my feeling is that I wouldn't let the Health-Aide destroy my W30.  I would just be more careful on future moments, label reading, etc.

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Hi StacyFreese! I agree with Miss T The Tarot Reader, I wouldn't personally reset for that, especially given the circumstances that if you extended you would interrupt the end of your Whole30 with your wedding. It seems more important that you have adequate time to finish the whole30 elimination phase and reintroduction before your wedding. That being said, here's a great resource about whether to start over or not.'t start over because,So see that commitment through.

The issue with kombucha is whether there is added sugar or not. Unfortunately, some brands list sugar on their labels, and some do not. GT's is Whole30 compatible because it doesn't list sugar on the ingredients list, but Health Aide is not compatible. Here's an article from 2016 about the topic (a little old but I don't think anything has changed).

This is a belated reply, so I hope you made the best decision for yourself about starting over or not. And I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your wedding either way!!

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