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Germane’s Whole30


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Today is day six.  Just starting to keep a record.  I will try to track my food, feelings, observations here going forward. 

The last five days I have had to tell my inner toddler “no” to nicotine lozenges all day every day. It’s like my brain forgets over and over and over that they are in the past.  I particularly crave them in the afternoon. I am very hopeful that cutting out all that aspartame and sugar alcohol will improve my digestive woes.  I don’t think there is any other source of artificial sweeteners in my normal diet.  

I also haven’t had a drink in five days.  That’s much easier than I thought it would be.  I was drinking too much for good health and my wallet (2 or 3 a day almost everyday, though almost never more).  I haven’t really missed it, I think because the nicotine craving drowns out all other desires.  But the great part of not drinking is that I don’t feel so “off the clock” at five.  Need to run an errand?  No problem.  Need to pay some bills? No problem.  

The food part had also been fine.   I probably am gaining weight, which I don’t want, though I don’t need to lose either.  I forgot to take my weight day one, but it’s always around 120.  Not very muscular.  I don’t work out. 

I had pistachio crusted salmon with Thai green curry sauce one night, minced Asian chicken lettuce wraps another.  Lots of soft boiled eggs, vegetables, and more fruit than usual.  I finally learned to love kale salad (dressed with compliant Caesar dressing, bacon, soft boiled eggs, avocado etc).  Again, this is probably too many calories for a 53 year old 5’5” woman.

(Hmmm I notice I am still thinking and writing about calories even after confirming I don’t need to lose, knowing this isn’t about weight loss, that Whole30 isn’t a weight loss diet, and never having been a calorie counter.  Why is that?)

I am grateful everyday for my black coffee in the morning.  I am so so so glad I don’t need to cut that out too!  I am also grateful for kombucha, which lets me feel like I had a drink.

I am grateful I can walk in a grocery store and choose from a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, eggs, and meat.  I don’t feel deprived yet (early days, I know) but I hope if I do, I can keep perspective that there is so much i can eat I’m this am and how lucky I am to have access to Those food.

Physical stuff since day one:

My sleep has been horrid. Probably because of nicotine withdrawal.

But I feel much better when I wake, no matter the time.

My digestion has been a mess but often is a mess.  It’s been worse than usual but not unprecedented.  Started my period on day 3.  That is no doubt part of it. 

My aches and pains are MUCH improved which I did not expect.  My hips and the sides of my thighs aren’t nearly as tight and painful as they usually are.  I am very surprised.  




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