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Paradoxical constipation


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Good evening!

I’m on day 5, and, thanks to the good advice I’ve received here, my nausea is improving.  However, I’m noticing something else now that I did not expect.  Despite the fact that I’ve been drinking lots of water and black coffee, abstaining from chocolate and cheese(of course), and eating more fresh fruits, nuts, and veggies than I have in ages, my chronic mild constipation is significantly worse now than it was before I started the challenge.  Has anyone else noticed this effect?  Did anything help that didn’t involve stimulant laxatives? What might be causing this seemingly paradoxical change in bowel function?


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Hi Kynard,

  This is not uncommon. Have you tried taking Natural Calm (unflavored) or another Magnesium Citrate before bed?

  You may want to go easy on the nuts until you get this sorted out, they can be very hard on digestion. Remember, a small closed handful is a serving (not always easy to limit them).

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