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"Charlie Horse" Muscle Cramp on Day 5 - any suggestions?


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My husband and I haphazardly got started this week in the middle of a busy week, and little prep time. But I have made it to day 5 already. I was curious if anyone else has had muscle cramps “charlie horse” in their calves at night? I woke up at 5am today with one that was strong enough I had to pull my foot towards my knee and wait for it to subside. I so rarely get these, but it happened a couple times this week (earlier in the week it just felt like a tight muscle, not even a cramp, but today it was a full-blown cramp that woke me up.) I looked online and it sounds like a deficiency in Magnesium can cause cramps, so just curious if anyone has experienced that too, and what are you eating to get Magnesium/how much of that item and how often? 

I’m eating items on the list for Magnesium, but I wonder if the frequency and portion isn't enough? I eat cashews, almonds, raisins as a snack or post-meal sugar/energy addition. I also eat avocado, carrots, beef and broccoli which were all on the list for magnesium-rich foods. Any suggestions? I also recognize my body might just be going through all kinds of "withdrawals". This is our second Whole30 but I don't remember cramps last time. 

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Being a little dehydrated can also lead to muscle cramps, so be sure you're drinking plenty of water.

It sounds like you're trying to eat the right things, and it may be that it will just take a few more days of that for your body to catch up.

There are Whole30 compatible magnesium supplements if you feel you're not getting enough from food right now. Natural Calm unflavored is one that would work, it's a powder you mix with water, so it's easy to start with a partial dose and work up to the dosage that works for you. There are also magnesium tablets in the vitamin section of the store, you'll just need to read ingredients to find ones that will work on Whole30. 

Or there are magnesium sprays (might be called magnesium oil) or lotions that you apply topically, or you can do Epsom salt baths or foot soaks. These can be helpful because sometimes taking magnesium supplements cause digestive issues for some people.

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