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Whole 30 is saving my life

Julie Kinney Butts

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Good morning! I want to thank all of you for your amazing support and sharing your stories and struggles. You have greatly inspired me to create my own success. After first trying intermittent fasting for a few months earlier this year,  I was not been able to make it work for me.  I just missed breakfast too much, (my fav meal of the day) and dinner was my only time with my hubby.
With IF only giving me a 4 pound loss after a few months of dedication, I was very grouchy and unhappy.   I switched over 8 days ago to Whole 30. I am not supposed to get on the scale until 30 days in but I already feel lighter and a lot more in control of my cravings and I am sleeping better with higher energy levels.  I am even happier and calmer and a lot less irritated.  I find myself just giggling stress away, which is crazy to me.  
I almost feel like I could give up gluten, dairy, alcohol and sugar for the long haul with only a tiny piece of grass fed cheese, glass of wine or dark chocolate here and there for special occasions.
I just wanted to share my story if some of you are struggling like I was on another type of eating lifestyle.   After the 30 days, I may do another 30 to keep cleansing (loving the way I feel) and then eventually switch to a Paleo lifestyle. You can't see a chance in my weight yet, (I have about 60 lbs to lose) but my hubby says my skin is glowing and I have the energy of a bunny!
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