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Distinguishing reintro symptoms


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Hey y'all: 

I'm on day 1 of reintro and chose to reintro non-gluten grains today. I had oatmeal with breakfast and rice with lunch and have been bloated basically all day. How can I distinguish between bloat caused by potential sensitivity to these grains or my body just reacting to having not eaten these foods for a month? I don't *think* they bothered me pre-Whole30, but per the analogy in Whole 30, my "everyday normal" could have been abnormal. 

Thanks for your help! 

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Is it not the same thing though? As in, oatmeal makes you bloated because you’re sensitive to it? There will be other things you reintroduce that you don’t experience any bloating/ discomfort from. 

Any reaction is a reaction, the key thing is determining what things cause a reaction and then deciding which of those reactions are ‘worth it’ and which you are prepared to forego entirely. 

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