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Hello, all. My name is Jennifer and I am starting the Whole30 tomorrow, October 1st. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease) but no thyroid and digestive issues that I really hope will be helped by Whole30. I also need to lose weight and have done Keto on and off for some time now so I just have to make a few more changes. I started experimenting with Whole30 about a week ago because I would hate to start over because I made a mistake.

I love hiking, cycling, kayaking, and swimming. I am furloughed right now and anxiously awaiting a call back. While furloughed I have delivered Meals on Wheels, done some trail maintenance, weeded my yard, and provided food and snacks for the homeless in a nearby city. I have to keep myself busy and not home too much or I will eat too much. I also love to cook and can create dishes out of nothing. I could be on Chopped. Yep, my strength and my weakness. 

Is there anyone else starting in October?  

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Made something delicious today even though I haven't officially started. Sweet potatoes, onion, green bell pepper, kale, and some grilled chicken cooked with my only homemade vinaigrette so far. The vinaigrette is made from acv, coconut oil (means I have to micro), no sugar added organic blueberry applesauce, poppy seeds, cinnamon, pepper, salt, tajin, and basil. 

Highly recommend an immersion blender!

Prepped some sweet potato buns today and I have some homemade ketchup and mayo to get me started as well. 
Froze individual sections of salmon.
Grilled spatchcock chicken.
Have freezer stocked with riced cauliflower, frozen broccoli and green beans and kale and peppers in the fridge.
Learned how to make my own creamy creamer that actually froths. I added cashew butter, collagen peptides, coconut cream, and a little extra vanilla to unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
Purchased cranberries sweetened with apple juice concentrate, coconut, and walnuts.
Keeping a little Kombucha on hand and lots of teas - chai and glazed lemon loaf are my favorites.
Made some Italian turkey sausage and chili with butternut squash.

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Hi! This time you're going to make it to 30! 

I believe I can. Actually, I will have done a Whole40 if I make it. I have done 10 days but didn't want to commit until I had tried a few recipes and purchased some ingredients. I have the 30 day journal coming today and plan to keep up that way as well. 

We're going on a trip the 14th-18th but we found a local meal prep company that makes meals on site as well. They will alter the meals to fit your diet. I think that will work for one meal a day. I hope we will be so busy kayaking, cycling, and hiking that I don't think about food too much. 

What is your situation? Do you have any particular rough spots to go through? What have been your biggest hurdles? Do you have any special medical conditions that you are trying to improve?

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Yay! It came! Today has went well. I am so glad I prepared for an emergency. I had two different events delay me so I  didn't get lunch but I  had biltong, a few macadamia nuts, and an Elevation apple pie bar that tastes like fruitcake. I won't be getting that again. No worries about my body thinking that is a candy bar or an apple pie.


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Hi everyone,

My name is Terrie and I started my Whole 30 yesterday. I am a sugar and simple carb addict. I have had this addiction since I was very young. I am 73 yrs old and have finally had enough and am ready for Whole30. 
I was a competitive bodybuilder since my 30s and still workout today. I ate well when training  except for the carbs, of course, but they are finally getting me down. 
I also suffer from bi-polar 2 and I know my diet contributes to this. I want others who live with these challenges on a daily basis to know I support your efforts and look forward to better days for all of us. 

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Wow! Even with you sugar and simple carb addiction I bet you're in great shape! I am 56 and trying to get inflammation under control. I have already been on Keto for a year so my Sugar Dragon is not too fierce anymore. Since you obviously can train with consistency, I am sure you will be able to fight the battle with sugar and simple carbs. 

Welcome to the group!

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