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Pre-/Post-WO confusion


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Today is day 1 on my first W30. I’ve read through so many threads and articles, and 2whole books but the pre/post WO is still stumping me a bit as I’ve seen mixed things. I’m overweight so while my ultimate goal isn’t to lose weight, I’m not trying to maintain my weight so I know having a carb for post WO may not be necessary unless I’m working out hard. But I’m one thread someone said something about not needing a pre-WO if you’re just doing a lighter WO or just walking/running. So can someone clarify that? And if the WO is light and/or just walking/running, how much of a post-WO is needed? 

Aside from that, I was thinking about having my coffee with coconut milk/collagen peptides (primal proteins)/MCT oil (This coffee combo is my normal morning drink anyway) and egg yolks as a pre-WO and the egg whites as my post-WO, adding in some sweet potato if it was a hard workout. Does this sound ok?

thanks so much for any input and/or pointing me in the right direction!

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