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Hello! I hope you are having a great day.

Yes, this first day is supposed to be easy. So far everything is inline. I had my breakfast ready last night and my coffee prepped. Good start but I need to keep it up.

Last night my digestive issues were extremely bad. I recently found out my issues revolve around stomach acid and am including a glass of warm lemon water before breakfast and doing a stomach acid test everyday for the next five days. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and no thyroid. I also may have another autoimmune disease (my rheumatologist is monitoring me) and I have neuropathy. I hope at least to reduce inflammation, form better eating habits, have more energy and a better relationship with food, and yes, I want to lose weight. 

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It was a good trial because it was kind of a disaster that ended up restoring my faith in humanity. I deliver Meals on Wheels and took some emergency snacks along just in case. I was so thankful I did. There was a mix up with enough meals not being loaded and I had to return and find someone to pick up some more, delaying me about 45 minutes. Then my car started making sounds on the way to take those to the last two clients. I thought it was a flat for sure but the skid plate (plastic piece attached to the bottom of the car's bumper) had fallen down. A nice man came and rigged it with a piece of wire he found. Then I headed to AutoZone and tried to replace some clips. The piece was shredded pretty bad so I didn't have much luck with that. I thought I could get by but it was rush hour and more than an hour to the house. Two-thirds of the way home it failed and I stopped and called my husband who came to my rescue. He was just about to go get a pair of tin snips when the security officer came by with a pocket knife and cut off the whole piece. 

When I got home I went to the park near our house to unwind. Then I drove home had an egg sliced in half with each half wrapped in a slice of Applegate Organics turkey. Finally, I prepared dinner for myself and my husband who has advanced to the mushy stage of his diet after oral surgery. 

You are probably wishing you had not asked. Thanks, though. It was still a great day!

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2 hours ago, Jennifer Jensen said:

How's it going with you? Was yesterday a breeze or was it a little difficult? Are you exercising? What are your plans? 

Yesterday was okay, nothing great but it felt good to be in control and purposeful.  Exercise- does chasing the two year old count lol.  I try to get out at least once a week to roller skate, I had been playing baseball with son but the season just ended so maybe we will replace that with some walking at the park and I feel like some regular prenatal mini workouts could help some so I’m gathering some of those together.  My plan is to eat whole 30 compliant as close to the template as my capacity and hormones will allow.  I need to put some meal ideas together and get my booty to the grocery store.  I’ll throw some condiments together this weekend.  I am a condiment queen and having tasty condiments ready to go will make this journey tastier and easier. 

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