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A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3


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Day 1 - Oct 1st

Have you ever woke up and said “I need a whole 30”. That was me today.  So I decided No time like the present and jumped in with both feet.  I was not prepared for this! But I will get there.  

I have missed this forum.  The past few months feel more like years.  It’s been a struggle but we are making our way to the surface.  My husband broke his arm in May in the middle of my whole 30 and I just couldn’t for whatever reason hold on, and I crashed and burned in the area of taking care of me while I took care of everyone and everything else.  It’s been a roller coaster ride in the dark.  He’s healing, he was just released back to “normal” activity and light lifting.  He has frozen shoulder so we are working through that.  Trying to keep our businesses a float and somewhat operational during this has been a balancing act all its own.  Good things have happened too. We have got our schooling off to a full swing for the year and have reached our 1st quarter mark and none of us are drowning.  Both my 14 DS and my 11DS have shown huge strides in maturity and ownership of their school work this year.  The 18 DS is struggling and I so wish I could homeschool him with the others but that’s the trouble with co-parenting, his mom isn’t on board with it.  I do what I can to encourage and help him but so much of what he is struggling with is the weird out of sorts school schedule and not knowing if he’s coming or going.  My little one turned 2 and we had him completely out of diapers a few weeks before his birthday.  It’s a relief to know when this baby comes in January I’ll only be dealing with changing diapers for one.  

so I’m headed into my 3rd trimester in a few weeks and I’m already struggling with the whole 3 bites and I’m full.  This is probably what is driving me most towards the feeling that I need a Whole 30.  I feel like I haven’t been making those small portions count big for nutrition.  I’m taking control back and focusing on my nutrition and making every bite count in order to nourish my body and baby’s as well as prepare my body for birth.  

my meals today

pulled pork, green beans, baked potato with clarified butter.

3 eggs cooked in coconut oil, apple with NS almond butter 

water intake needs help but I got 51oz in and maybe I can squeeze another 34oz before I call it a day.  


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Wow! Sounds like you have your hands full. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you and your husband try to keep your business afloat. Pregnant and Whole30 with 4 kids and one on the way! And you homeschool and one of your children is two. I hope you give yourself a lot of grace. 

I homeschooled my two sons and that was hard enough. I did homeschool with undiagnosed Hashimoto's. You should have been there. I would be reading a book to them. Fall to sleep in the middle and wake up "reading" words that weren't even there. 

Reflections: I pushed myself and my sons too hard with homeschooling. Not at first. At first it was fun. We all loved it. By the time the oldest was ten I began thinking I had to make them into super academics. Don't get me wrong. They both got scholarships. One is an undergraduate in Marketing. This is his senior year and he is working as a real estate agent as well because his internship fell through with COVID. He's doing so well! The other one is getting his Masters in Economics and trying for a PhD because of COVID. They would have made it to both these goals, however, even if our schooling had not been so rigid. 

That's part of my journey. It is what I am focusing on with The Whole30 as well. Don't rush through my meals. Make The Whole30 doable. I tend to over plan. I need to plan but make it fun and easy enough that I'm not over it by day seven.

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@Jennifer Jenseni cant even imagine how hard that must have been trying to function at any level with Hashimoto's.  I have a couple friends who deal with that, and the struggle is real.  The majority of our homeschool journey I was a single momma with just the two boys.  Working, taking care of the house, schooling, while trying to find a balance for me to not go completely insane I discovered a philosophy that helped in so many areas.  We use the EZ+1 philosophy we do things until they are easy and then we add another.  We use this on a broad and narrow scale and has enabled us to build to a fairly robust academics without feeling stressed.  If there is some on going stress we scale it back down and go from there. I love to see that things they needed hand holding with last year they are taking the reins with this year.  That is a mark of growth and success in my books.  It’s always fun to run into another homeschooling momma out in the “real world”. Thank you for the encouragement!  

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10/2 W30 R2.3 Day 2 

6:00 am up with toddler.  So tired no energy but that has been the norm right now. Fed the little hobbit. Drinking water just not feeling good at the moment.

8:30-9:30 nap

10:00 M1 2 scrambled eggs, sautéed frozen veggie mix with zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.  Cooked in ghee and dressed up with some coconut aminos and Italian herbs.  Washed my dishes immediately because I know how I am about dishes.  If they are clean I will cook, if not I will avoid the kitchen like the plague.  

I said no to Hardee’s biscuits this morning. Didn’t even appeal to me.  The hot cakes and syrup did smell tempting though.  I almost blew it when my hubby offered a sip of our caffine of choice, Sundrop in a glass bottle.  I stopped just before putting it to my lips and was like whoa no I don’t need or want this right now.  So much of my poor choices aren’t even choices they are just reactions to my surroundings without mindful thoughts.  Practicing mindfulness was a large part of my whole 30 before and is probably why I am feeling the need for this round.

Feeling tired and my baby belly is feeling so heavy today.  I put my belly support belt on and that is helping.

1:00 M2 - philly steak, riced cauliflower, and red bell peppers sautéed in ghee and dressed up with some coconut amino and almond butter. 

So lunch was a let’s see what we have in the fridge and freezer that’s edible.  I had grilled hotdogs and buns for the boys and luckily there was just enough for them.  The hotdogs smelled good they would be compliant if not for the less than 2% cane sugar.  Sad face.  Lunch was decent and different.  I think with a little fore thought and some spices it could actually become something quite delicious.  

4:00-5:00 nap

8:45 M3 - grilled chicken with onion and peppers and salad greens with a quick dressing whipped up from apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder, and Italian seasonings.  

Some where along the line I threw my hip out this evening.  So my evening was not productive at all.  My hubby offered to put the little one to bed and told me to go soak.  I soaked in Epsom salt bath with some oils for about 45 min.  After that I was able to move my hip enough to stretch it and convince it to pop back.  I’m so ready for bed!

10:00 Bed time



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Hope you get plenty of rest and your hip is better. I'm having problems with my hips and thighs today after my hike. Worth it, though.

Looks like you are doing really well with the meals! I kind of throw together most meals because I have lots of spices and seasonings. Once I get my meat cooked for the week I am on a roll. 

Today's meal plan:
Lemon water before breakfast and dinner and 4 oz kombucha at lunch. (This is really helping with my digestive problems - trying to avoid my scheduled colonoscopy in November.)
M1 Sautéed kale, kabocha squash, onion, jalapeno, red pepper & garlic topped with 3 chopped dried cranberries, 5 chopped golden raisins, 1T chopped walnuts, eggs and bacon then thrown in the oven until eggs were done. Split between breakfast and lunch.
M2 (see above) and half frozen banana with cashew butter and coconut. 
M3 Grilled chicken, potato salad, and green beans.

Got a turkey breast out to cook tomorrow. I'm making my husband chicken and dumplings because he is recovering from oral surgery and is getting tired of bisque. He did eat a little chicken salad (pate) today and was all smiles about that. I just need some strength to keep myself from the chicken and dumplings. I'm also making him a pumpkin pie but I plan to have some kind of roasted pumpkin with my turkey or sweet potato buns.

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10/3 W30 R2.3 Day 3

5:00 up to tinkle… had a brief thought that I should get up and work. Um No!  Back to bed

7:45 Up with the toddler and get my day going.

8:30 M1 - 2 eggs scrambled in ghee with chili powder and oregano and strawberries (because they needed to be eaten)

Drinking water… drinking water

I felt better when I got up this morning.  My body and specifically my baby belly wasn’t so achy.  I have a baby shower for a friend to go to today in the big city so I’ll stop and get some compliant bacon, sausage and deli meats while I’m out that way.  Also plan on picking up a couple dozen eggs from my brother.  So hopefully I’ll have the energy tonight to make some mayo and condiments.

12:15 M2- grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato wrapped in lettuce.  

I was going to eat this as a salad but I was running late so improvised with wrapping it up in lettuce vs chopping up the lettuce.  It hit the spot!  

NSV: my digestive discomfort is already improving.  I’m actually getting hungry and able to eat more than just a few bites.   


Ugh…. My son had his sweet tea sitting beside my water while we were traveling to all our places.  Not paying attention I grabbed his tea and took a big swing.  Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t water.  Grrrrr.  


Sigh the rest of the day was a bomb and my digestive system paid dearly. I ate quite a few veggies at the baby shower and then kept thinking about the sweet tea swig so I had my favorite cupcake carrot cake and a mini pumpkin muffin Turkey sandwich, and a bbq meatball and then more veggies.   I was so exhausted from the three hour round trip drive that I went straight to bed at 5:45.  The boys could tell I was wiped out and offered to keep the toddler alive and happy and out from under hubby’s feet as he worked while I rested.  They really are the best!  I got up 8:30 and they had already fed and put the little one to bed.  So I spent an hour with them and let them do some online shopping and we just had a nice quiet chat without school work to do or  a toddler clambering all over us.


Hubby and I  finished off the evening with a show and some cuddles.  


NSV: learning from my mistake… mindset is everything!  Having the cupcake and other items had nothing to do with will power.  It had  everything to do with my mindset.  Had the decided meh the swig of year didn’t restart anything because it was an honest mistake I would have not even considered the sugary delights at the baby shower, but I would have also set my self up to allow little slips or oops the rest of the time.  So I’m okay with how it went down.  I made a very conscience decision and it’s not like I can just go to a bakery to get those particular cupcakes and pumpkin muffin sandwich because my pastors wife makes them for special occasions and honestly no one else’s come close!  


I met my water goal today 102oz yeah go me!


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Well, this bunny loves carrot cake. I really wouldn't have been tempted by a chocolate, vanilla, or even red velvet but carrot cake? Wow! And both my hubby and I agree that while neither has had a pumpkin muffin sandwich, it sounds awesome! I'm sure you'll get back on track because, well, feeling miserable while you are pregnant can be a great motivator. 

I need a water goal. My doctor said that will help with my digestion, the inflammation and the neuropathy. That and exercise and losing weight. I'm looking at these as my biggest motivators. Pain is no fun. 

When are you due? Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?

We skipped our first social event because my husband didn't want to be eating a liquid diet around a bunch of people grilling out. I don't know how I would have managed but probably needed the rest and prep time today anyway. 

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M1 Eggs with avocado, 1 slice bacon, and 1 slice sausage with my regular lemon water
M2 Tuna salad (only ate half, tried to do something different, ng) and salad ( :wub:, I made my own salad dressing before I started W30)
M3 Turkey breast, sweet potato buns, & green beans (I'm used to making for two so I have leftovers since he can't eat solid food yet; saves on food prep.) Planning stage for this one, might have applesauce or an apple with some dried cranberries to go with turkey.

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On 10/3/2020 at 10:43 AM, BabyBear said:

So much of my poor choices aren’t even choices they are just reactions to my surroundings without mindful thoughts.  Practicing mindfulness was a large part of my whole 30 before and is probably why I am feeling the need for this round.

I soooooo feel this. Increased mindfulness is definitely one of my favorite effects of Whole 30.

Sorry about your hip. Sounds like it may be an SI joint issue to me. That's something I'm constantly managing in my own body. Pilates and barre works wonders--even better than PT for me.

Sorry also about the mistaken sweet tea swig and unplanned off roading. Sometimes it helps to just extend your W30 by a few days (you were on day 3, yes?) rather than "restart." No harm, no foul. You were already getting good results in just a couple days--and received good information from the off roading. 

Wishing you all the best whatever you decide!

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@LadyMthe hip thing is a thing.  I see a whole health chiropractor on the regular for it.  He’s given me some stretches to do that help when this happens and I can’t get to him.  It’s a hereditary thing, my moms mom dealt with it, my mom deals with it, I deal with it even my son deals with it (found out when he was 4 when I started seeing my chiropractor).  With the added weight and pressure of the ever filling uterus it definitely exaggerates it and puts a lot of pressure on the nerves when it does slip out.  It’s been much better the past two days but I feel it trying to give again so I’ll be doing some more stretches before bed.  

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10/4 Sunday 

I decided to restart tomorrow.  I totally forgot about needing to prepare to have lunch at my parents and it’s almost guaranteed that mom wouldn’t have anything compliant.  It also causes a lot of strain on the relationship if I’m eating healthy and she’s not at the moment.  Although she is getting better about supporting me and eating better herself.  lunch was Chinese (nothing remotely w30 on the table). 
NSV: I didn’t gorge myself.  I went into this knowing that W30 starts tomorrow. I purposefully choose which foods sounded most delightful took a small helping of those so I had a normal plate not an avalanche of food spilling off my plate.  I drank water and not coke, I stopped when I was full.  I passed up on all the desserts mom had to offer. (She comes by the dessert things honestly, her family especially her mom pretty much only eats sweet treats for every meal)

I was sad I stopped at sprouts on my way home and they wouldn’t allow me in the store.  I never even considered this would be an issue, our state has lifted the mandate we also have medical exemption and I had my doctors note with me.  Ugh!  It’s bad enough so many of the specialty foods that my son needs have been dropped from our local grocer, and we’ve been waiting out the storm to be able to go to some of the specialty stores... and no.  He cried as did I on the way home.  I know everyone is facing their own personal hell with all the different levels of lock downs and the effects on the quality of life.  We are some of the lucky ones I guess as our little county wasn’t hit hard and we didn’t have a lot of the restrictions that the bigger city did let alone the world.  So I choose thankfulness today in the face of this frustration.  Thankful I could celebrate my friends new baby yesterday, thankful I could meet with my Sacred Family in worship, thankful I could have dinner at my parents house 70 miles away, thankful we are healthy, and thankful that our state seems to be recovering and slowly Re-opening.   Mindset! My attitude is all dependent on my mindset.  In the words of He-man “I have the power!”

thinking of my whole 30 support pals today and wishing you the best that your day can possibly be.  Be well, be blessed, be thankful. 

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10/5 w30 R2.3 Day 1 reboot

7:30 up with toddler.  Sat down and made a list of meal ideas and a grocery list.  While my little one ate his breakfast.  

I was super thirsty when I woke up so I’ve been sucking down the water this AM

I made some more ghee while making breakfast because the ghee from the store I still had is just gross.  Not sure why I kept it other than emergency reasons.  

9:00 M1 - 2 eggs scrambled with chili pepper and oregano in coconut oil.  1/2 cucumber slices.  Banana almond butter “sandwich”

I’m feeling better about the reboot today and after my little planning session I am feeling excited about food this week.  I have a few events to navigate this week, but I built in some fall backs to my plans.  

I’m getting the kitchen/hubby’s work area cleaned up before going shopping this way I can immediately do some veggie prep in order to 1. Save money 2. Save time.  3. Set myself up

For success

Ack! Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence.  It was a mad house.  I miss going to the grocery store at midnight when no one else was there.  Oh well I got it done.  I left the house at 11:00 to go pick up my 11 DS who went hunting with my dad, then back to town for oil change and car wash so I got to the store a little before 1:00 and didn’t get out until 2:45.   30 min of that was standing in the checkout line.  I can normally get shopping and check our done in an hour but there was way too many people and way too many shelf stockers for that.  Felt like half my time was spent waiting for other people. 

2:45 - cherry larabar eaten on the way home from the store

4:45 - M2 roast beef lettuce roll up with mustard and tomatoes and a side of carrots and pistachios

Lunch was crunchy, literally.  But it helped.  I was exhausted and hangry if you couldn’t tell by my rant. Now to determine a meal for tonight that goes beyond pizza.  

5:30-6:30 rest

I got up and felt like I might freeze to death.  This is super unusual for me because I’m always hot.  First thought was oh no am I getting sick?  Then my hubby came home and said it was cold in the house and he may go ahead and turn on the heat.  I was relieved to know it wasn’t me.  Ha ha. I just wasn’t hungry and could get motivated to make food for me or eat.  I laugh because I did end up cooking pizza for the boys and I tossed a spaghetti squash in the oven along with the pizzas to make good use of the oven time.   While waiting for things to cook I got somethings done around the kitchen.  There is more to do but I ran out of steam.  

I declined fast food when my hubby offered to bring home dinner, I wasn’t tempted or interested in the pizzas.  I have all but some of the toddlers hand wash dishes/cups finished which means I can jump right into breakfast prep tomorrow.  Our schedule for tomorrow was canceled so I get a day home tomorrow!  I’m planning to do an inventory of the freezers to know exactly what I still have.  I have a general idea, but a list would be nice.  

I’m going to wrap up my day with a hot Epsom bath soak and maybe get in bed a little earlier than usual.  

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I have finally surrendered to having groceries delivered. I still go to the store and the local farmers market for things now and again, but rarely. Not sure where you are or if you're interested, but if grocery shopping is the bane of your existence, it might be a game changer! FWIW I use a local CSA, Imperfect Foods, ButcherBox, US Wellness Meats, and I'm looking into Thrive, but not sure I use enough packaged foods to make it worth my while.

Congrats on a successful reboot day! That ain't no small thing. . . . 

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M2 sounds wonderful in light of your frantic day at the store. I deliver Meals on Wheels so I just plan grocery shopping around that and don't plan to get anything else done that day.

I'm going to have to do some veggie prep sometime soon. The best thing I did was throw a bunch of sliced veggies on the grill with my turkey breast this week. I have had wonderful meals all week because of that unplanned moment. I was reading a list of Whole30 tips while my turkey was roasting and one of them was not to waste time but instead to put veggies in the oven to roast while cooking meat. I just translated that to put veggies on our 5 burner grill. Perfect!

To even be doing Whole30 while pregnant is great! 

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Funny story this morning as I was preparing to make some mayo… it never fails, NEVER, my mayo always breaks.  It is really disheartening but I’ve always been able to salvage it.  I was think there must be something that I’m doing wrong on the chemistry side of things.  So I decided to do an impromptu school lesson.  I got the 11 DS and my 14 DS to meet me in the kitchen.  We researched the chemistry of emulsification and what happens with the molecules.  In layman terms we discovered the non oil ingredients suspends the oil fat molecules in air and they can hold a lot but as soon as you reach saturation point the mixture will “break” and the oil and other ingredients will separate.  A good rule of thumb is max saturation level is  80%  because of this it was recommended to play it safe with a 1 part to 3 part ratio which the boys determined would be a 75% saturation.  So measured our base ingredients and it measured 1/3 cup.  The recipe calls for 1 and 1/4 cups oil.  And just like that now I know why mayo breaks up even with a super slow pour.  We decided to use only 1 cup of oil, and perfection was achieved.  My 11 DS take away was that “Mayo is just floating fat”. My 14 DS said “mind blown.  We used school stuff to solve a real life problem”.    


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2 minutes ago, BabyBear said:

 We used school stuff to solve a real life problem”.    

@BabyBearThat is so awesome! Maybe we are just geeky homeschool moms but even though I have finished my homeschool journey I still find that really exciting! Really. That must be why my mayo turned out so great last time. I didn't have "enough" oil because I was making a double batch. I decided to try it anyway. It is the best mayo I have ever tasted and thicker and creamier than my husband's Duke's mayo which has been my favorite up to this time. B)

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10/6 W30 R2.3 Day 2 Reboot

3:15am up with the toddler.  I figured this would happen with him falling asleep so early last night.  I changed his bed gave him some milk and some snuggles and back to bed he went.  While I was up I rebooted the laundry and started another load.  Also had some water

7:00 rise shine the little man was ready to tackle the day whether I was or not.  Prepared my food.  Also made a batch of ketchup and mayo.  I’m thinking burgers on the grill for lunch

8:00 M1- 3 scrambled eggs chili powder, oregano cooked in ghee.  1/2 cucumber sliced, a peach.

Okay the peach was a little self indulgent.  They smelled amazing at the grocery store and they will soon be completely out of season.  I rarely buy peaches because my 11 DS with all the allergies are allergic to them.  So after eating a peach or eggs or a whole list of other foods I have to wash up and sanitize the area and utensils and even my face hands and mouth.  Peach is probably my favorite fruit.  I could eat peaches for days, in so many ways.  So every once in a while I like to enjoy a good peach.  And this peach today did not disappoint.  Of course I got the sarcastic eye roll from my son when he saw my breakfast.  

11:30-1:30 nap

2:45 - M2 Grilled hamburgers with lettuce tomato and with mayo and ketchup, grilled zucchini 

Lunch was really tasty.  They mayo and ketchup I made this morning was so good.  The zucchini was a last minute inspiration by @Jennifer Jensen

After lunch I got the rest of the dishes done and sink and counter cleared so hubby can build skates.  

8:00 - M3 shrimp scampi (of sorts) with spaghetti squash, and spinach and a side of sautéed broccoli.

So I was staring into the freezer that blank stare of I’m hungry, I need to eat, but I don’t know what.  Then I saw the shrimp, and I remembered I cooked the spaghetti squash last night… so what the heck let’s make up a shrimp scampi style recipe.  I sautéed the shrimp in an amazing amount of ghee and garlic.  Squeezed in some fresh lemon and piled on the basil.  Once the shrimp were close to done I added 1/2 the spaghetti squash I had in the fridge and a handful of spinach plus a spoon full of mayo to add some creaminess.  Oh my oh my was it ever good!  I left half for tomorrow’s lunch which will be on the road.  I was tempted to eat it because it was soooo good, but I’m full and I’ll need a good meal for tomorrow while working with clients. … and now to do more dishes lol.

The sink is clean.  Go me!  It’s been a good day.   Wrapping up the day with a movie with the hubby.  

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On 10/4/2020 at 2:16 PM, Jennifer Jensen said:

When are you due? Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?

I’m not sure how I missed this the other day.  I am due mid January.  We will not know the gender of the baby until the birth.  I love surprises and this is one of life’s truly big surprises.  It might sound crazy but I did this with my other three births and I never regretted not knowing.  

Funny story...When the 2 yr old Was born the midwife asked about 15 min after his birth because none of us were paying attention to that detail.  He was already nursing and we had to pull back the blanket and towel wrapped around us to peak.  My hubby pulled back the blanket and lifted the baby’s leg and cried “oh thank God it’s a boy!”  We still get a chuckle over that story.

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I'll have to start tracking water. I'm not doing so good with that and I have been having some whopper headaches. 


17 hours ago, BabyBear said:

We will not know the gender of the baby until the birth.

One thing I caved on with my hubby. He has to plan. I didn't mind, though. I do hope after two sons that we will have a granddaughter someday. My husband is one of four boys and then we had two sons and I just want to see him with a little girl. 

Your meals sound amazing and I don't even really like shrimp. With an 8:40 am appointment an hour away and stabbing headaches I just got by with whatever I could find today. 

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7 minutes ago, Jennifer Jensen said:

Your meals sound amazing and I don't even really like shrimp. With an 8:40 am appointment an hour away and stabbing headaches I just got by with whatever I could find today. 

You could totally recreate that dish with Cubes chicken, or maybe even prosciutto.  Or leave the protein out and serve it as a side.   

your morning sounds like mine.  I had an 9am apt that is 1 hr 15 min away plus I have to have time to drop the kids off at my moms so Wednesdays are normally crazy!  Having left overs ready to grab and go saved the day today.  

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10/7 W30 R2.3 Day 3 Reboot

6:45 up after hitting snooze twice.  Got everyone up and going.  I had a slight moment of panic… breakfast.  That’s why I was suppose to get up earlier.  I knew what I was doing for lunch so I got that packed and in doing that I came up with a plan for breakfast.  


7:30 M1 - roast beef lettuce roll ups, apple with almond butter.


Breakfast wasn’t an ideal template but it was compliant food and I was hungry.  It was also portable to eat on the road.  I got everyone  and all their stuff out the door as well as my food for breakfast and lunch in 45 min.  I’d say that’s a record time.


Oh man! This morning just got interesting.  My AM appointment canceled on me when I was already 50 min into my drive to the big city.  So I’ll be working at my moms the first of the morning.  Time to put on my mindfulness cap on and strap it to my chin.  I love my mom dearly, but staying compliant is like maneuvering a field of land mines in a big foot truck.  She is what a grandmother should be.  Her house is filled with candies and cookies, cakes and ice cream and every other junk food imaginable.  And she loves to offer it and give it to you unsolicited.  Plus there are just a lot of ingrained habits that I do if I’m not practicing mindfulness.  

12:00 M2 - LO shrimp spaghetti squash scampi with spinach.  Clementine and pistachios.  

I am so thankful I already had my lunch prepared.  I headed to the kitchen to heat up my lunch before heading out.  My mom followed me into the kitchen and started whipping up a different meal for each of the kids.   I told her she didn’t have to do that but  she insisted it’s what they like and She likes to make them happy.  She loves being a grandma and spoiling them boys.  I did a good job of dodging all the favorite cheap easy comfort foods, bourbon chicken and rice, Mac and cheese, creamy tomato soup with grilled cheese.  Then there’s the raisin oatmeal cookies my dad was eating to hold him over until his lunch meeting at 1:00.  He told me they were healthy because of the oats and raisins with a wink.  He handed me a coke to which I said no thank you I don’t need one today.   Mom tried a bite of my shrimp spaghetti squash and she liked it and may try making it for dinner this week.  I ate my food with mindfulness at high alert to the point I only ate 3 pistachios because after the third one I said I’m full.  I said to myself really one pistachio made the difference and I retorted back yes it did now put the rest away.  Ha ha.  

12:30-2:30 Roller skating. This has been such a fun little session.  I worked with a few kids and a few adults on different techniques.  I love passing on the art I love.  

2:30 S1 - pistachios and beef jerky

Phew I’m tuckered out. I had a fun workout and I feel it all over.  I’m glad I didn’t eat all my pistachios because after that skate session I needed a little pick me up and salty something so the pistachios and the compliant jerky I packed helped.  The New Primal Beef Thins BBQ recipe is goooood y’all!  

7:00 S2 - blueberries.  

This was not a planned snack, but a rescue intervention to remind me that I don’t want the cheap pizza my mom brought home for her and the boys without allergies.  Nor did I want the French fries or fast food burgers that were also brought home.  Bleck!  I had to wait for the boys to finish their food before we could head home.  I’m tired and it’s 1 hr and 15 minutes to get home.  On the bright side I have a burger patty with compliant fixings and grilled zucchini waiting on me at home.  

10:00 M3 - LO hamburger patty on bed of lettuce with tomatoes mayo and ketchup. LO grilled zucchini.

I was reaching that KATT hangry state by the time I got home.  I got the toddler to bed.  My hubby was frustrated because his newish smart tv was being dumb and causing a green hue when he tried to play his game.  Trying to help him troubleshoot it and I felt myself getting snippy.  I apologized as soon as I realized it.  When he realized I hadn’t eaten yet he sent me away to eat.  After I ate I went back to help him and managed to fix the issue.  Then he was all cute about how I’m the best wife ever.  In the process of hugging me we ended up in a belly comparison.  I told him mine was bigger.  He denied it profusely and then added that mine would be gone in a few months.  Poor guy with the lack of skating and the restrictive movement with his arm break he has gained some weight and I know it’s getting to him.  He’s so southern though that everything he eats either has to be deep fried or deeper fried.   Occasionally he surprises me when I offer him food that I am making at home and he takes me up on it.  Oh and he is the king of midnight snacking.  I got in a bad habit of joining him in the midnight snacking when we got married.  I’m so grateful my 1st round of whole 30 in January help me recognize the companion snacking for what it was and I’ve been able to easily decline the midnight snacks since then.  It’s been a long day and it’s another early morning with lots of driving tomorrow.  It’s time for a soak and then bed. 

Water 85oz water today.  Not bad but not my goal.  I will work on that more tomorrow.  







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10/8 Day 4 Reboot

6:10 up with alarm.  I’m hungry so I needed to make sure I had enough time to eat and get my 14Ds packed up for his tutorial and out the door for the 1 hr drive to his class. 

6:45/7:00 M1 - 2 eggs with basil cooked in ghee and topped in a dab of ketchup.  Also on the road I had carrots, pumpkin seeds and a banana.

Go me! I got my son’s lunch packed… leftovers for the win again.  Sent him off with my last burger and all the fixings for it.  I made 2 eggs and scarfed them down, washed the dishes packed up some on the road sides and was out the door by 7:00!   I’m glad I didn’t hit snooze.  I was really hungry this morning.  and pulled out some sausages to defrost for lunch.

Checking FB this morning, I had a memory from this time last year pop up.  It was a visit to my see my Grammy and she was holding the little guy with the other two standing beside her.  She looked happy and like herself.  I’m so glad she got a chance to love on and enjoy my little guy.  I’m heart broken that our newest addition  will never have known her.  I’m choosing to sit in these feelings for a moment to grieve and process, rather than stuff them down deep where the inevitably cause me to dive into a quart of ice cream later on today.  It hurts I’m ugly crying, but that is okay.  I am okay.

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