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In Day 2 for me and Day ___ for you, here is a portion of a quote about work and The Whole30 is work.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  Albert Einstein

Whatever obstacle you face today remember to look for the opportunity to change your relationship with food. This is for me. :)

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Tips from a Whole30 dietician/nutritionist:

#10 #11 #18 are my favorites
10. Keep it Simple I know there are tons of really gourmet recipes out there that can make Whole30 meals look incredible. That’s awesome but in the beginning, I’ve noticed people can get really overwhelmed with the increase in kitchen time and the new way of eating. For the first week or so, I usually suggest that folks keep it pretty basic. This could be: three egg omelet with veggies for breakfast; huge salad with 4-6 oz of salmon (or protein of your choice) and some avocado for lunch; and for dinner eat a sweet potato, green vegetable and another 4-6oz of protein. Make it really easy until you get the hang of it, then branch out to gourmet recipes.

I had turkey breasts on the grill when I read this one and added some beets, half an acorn squash, and a sweet potato (for hubby). Yay!
11. Cook in Bulk While you’ve got that oven on, why not fill it up? It’s no more effort to toss in a second chicken to roast, add more root veggies to the pan, and make your life 80% easier by not having to cook dinner tomorrow night. The same goes for batch cooking a pot of chili, soup, etc. You can eat the leftovers for lunch or freeze them for later. I happen to only cook a few nights a week, but eat 90% of my meals at home.

We always use an Airbnb. 

18. Swap Your Hotel for AirBnb Traveling can often be one of the biggest reasons why people fail on their Whole30. I nearly always stay in an Airbnb (or similar apartment/housing rental site) when I travel. It’s usually the same price or less expensive than a hotel, you get more space (ideal for families) and you get a kitchen. It’s also fun because you can get a much better sense of what it’s like to live in the place you’re visiting. I’ll usually hit a grocery store to get provisions for breakfasts and a couple of dinners, and then enjoy a few meals out.





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