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You look so beautiful and vibrant in your pic! So happy for all your wonderful results!!!

(and yes, tomatoes/nightshades are commonly a problem for folks with autoimmune issues. Might be smart to do a stretch of autoimmune protocol at the end of your W30 and see how that goes for you. This is a good resource when you're ready: though there's also plenty of free info online. Having done W30 without AIP could very well be a good thing if you decide to go further, as you're easing your body into more radical changes and will likely do better!)

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You look great - and it sounds like you're stoked to go! Thank you for sharing your story with us. My story is different to yours, but I felt some strong commonalities. Living with chronic pain is something most people don't understand (not yet, at least — I suspect as we age, more people begin to comprehend).

Pushing ourselves too hard and basically zapping our nervous systems? Sounds like you have done that, too. I hope W30 is helpful for you. I'm still trying to figure out these forums, but come find me if you want to cheer me on! I'm starting Tuesday. I hope yours continues to go wonderfully well.

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Is It Tiger Blood?  (Part 2)

I am having ups and downs with my energy level. We just got back from vacation on Sunday evening and it was the best trip we've had in a very long time. I woke early and very alert two of the four mornings we were there (really early for me - 4:30 am) and swam an hour each time. We hiked around tfifteen miles the entire trip and canoed four and a quarter miles. The weather was gorgeous and the views were amazing - a waterfall, a lovely and serene creek with cypress trees set in a national park, a stroll beside a canal, and a final brisk walk along a lake watching the sailboats and paddle boarders. 

I am glad I didn't put off Whole30 until after the trip. It really wasn't a problem. I had to be careful for sure but we found some really good places to eat and one that we would never, ever recommend. I had a burger salad two different places and it was like night and day. 

NSV from the trip:
Putting my focus on activities instead of food made my trip much more enjoyable. We ate out but it wasn't a key part of our trip. 

Tiger Blood - I really don't know. One day I feel like I have all the energy in the world at my disposal and the next I am exhausted. I have found that I sleep much better now and I fall to sleep much faster.

21 days down 9 to go - I really can't believe it has gone by so quickly! I probably haven't lost much weight but I have seen many changes already. I really want to reintroduce foods to find out what has been depleting all my energy. I am still having digestive issues and that makes me a little sad. I am better and I may just need more time. I will definitely be doing another round in January, probably a Whole45 since my birthday is February 18. 

The last few days have not been the best as far as typical three meal days. It is so very hard for me to get a lunch when I deliver for Meals on Wheels. I've had too many Larabars and I don't even like the kind I am eating. I have to come up with some good alternatives.

I did buy some Chomps while we were in Lexington. They have a great store called 14 Carrot Whole Foods. I told my husband that you would have thought it was the main venue for our trip because we went by there four times. My husband is on Keto maintenance and likes Zevia which were on sale. I wanted Chomps, GTs Kombucha (on sale), and we had to get some Primal Kitchen sauces to try on our oven roasted wings.

I need to go back to work. I have a project to complete and one of the nurses that works with families asked me to cut some items on my Cricut. I could clean out the garage or a dozen other household tasks but it hasn't happened yet.

I listened to a Do the Thing podcast on "Talking to Strangers". I am definitely on board with that. I do, sometimes. Then sometimes I am so focused on getting a task done that I don't realize that other people are even around. I don't like that about myself. I guess I am an Upholder but I do love it when I take time to get to know people.


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Day 22 - I can't believe it!

Time to ramp up the exercise! 

A very humbling moment... when you realize you are too out of shape for exercise for "anyone at any fitness level." I almost finished this one which is 2/3 the way through the workout but I am done. I will not quit trying. Some of my attempts are actually so pitiful it is quite hilarious.

Star Position Side Plank with Reach Through.jpg

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On 10/17/2020 at 10:04 AM, LadyM said:

(and yes, tomatoes/nightshades are commonly a problem for folks with autoimmune issues. Might be smart to do a stretch of autoimmune protocol at the end of your W30 and see how that goes for you. This is a good resource when you're ready: though there's also plenty of free info online. Having done W30 without AIP could very well be a good thing if you decide to go further, as you're easing your body into more radical changes and will likely do better!)

Thank you. I really don't mind giving up foods now that I realize how much it improves my quality of life. And, yes, easing myself into changes is always a good thing, otherwise I try really hard at first and then give up.

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@MadyVanilla and @LadyM glad to know it is not everyone's fitness level. I tried it at my first and only yoga class after a 5K run (maybe I did a little walking) and my legs began some serious cramping. I hiked 7.5 miles today and that's all the exercise I will be doing today. I'm just trying some strength training using my own body weight. I'm hoping it will help more than it hurts in the long run.

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Day 24 - Only 6 More to Go!!!

Doing well with meals.
M1 fried eggs, bacon, carnival squash with apples and fresh cranberries
M2 LO salmon on top of kale with red bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, and sliced grapes with a concocted sauce.
M3 LO grilled turkey breast, squash with apples and fresh cranberries, and apple salad.

I am so sore from my hike, more than normal. I was a little dehydrated and saw some floaters towards the end of the hike. I should have taken water but it was a long hike and I didn't want to keep stopping. 

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15 hours ago, MadyVanilla said:

carnival squash with apples and cranberries sounds delicious

Yes, I had to force myself to save the rest for tomorrow morning. My husband doesn't usually like fresh cranberries but he loved it as well. The hardest part is cutting it open. I I've thought about microwaving it but I love the flavor roasting adds. I really am enjoying autumn foods more this year because of W30.

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Day 26 Completed and Only 4 to Go!

I made a chorizo sweet potato frittata with caramelized onions and cranberries yesterday and had that for breakfast today as well. For lunch I just had a tuna protein salad with boiled egg for extra protein. Dinner was a potato and leek soup that morphed into a spicy turkey kale chowder that was delicious! 

I have no idea what I am making tomorrow night. I guess I'll try to pick up something to cook on my way home tomorrow. I have two Meals on Wheels routes tomorrow and I really wanted to take something by Linn Park for the people who gather there, most are homeless. 

I am so ready to get back to work!!!

Looking forward to a quick hike with my older sister on Friday.  My older sister is really fit and I may not be able to do anything for the rest of the day. :wacko:


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On 10/5/2020 at 8:06 PM, Jennifer Jensen said:

Picture from

I am an unorganized, totally over-extended or completely lazy, immoderate individual desiring peace more than I desire happiness or even food. Love - I absolutely love nature because that is one place peace spreads over every part of my being until I am just glowing. A co-worker actually gave me a official fortnite hoodies and shirt that says, "Nature is My Happy Place." Indeed it is.

I am a very visual person. Well today I was walking and came across a heron in the lake near my house. These birds seem so serene to me. I can just stand there and watch them and my level of peace eases on up to ten. Whole30 is like that for me.

I have been doing Keto on and off for a year and never felt at peace. I tried adding intermittent fasting. To some extent that worked until quarantine. 

Maybe it is because of my tendency to do things that upset my peace that I desire it so much. Dieting has never, ever brought any peace into my life. It stirs up the negative feelings just to think of the word. Giving up sweeteners and dairy would have terrified me before but because I am doing this for a reason I am at peace. I told my husband that I don't have to worry too much about quitting because my motivators are so HUGE!

One day I will wake up and my right hand and hip will drag me out of bed for a happy dance, I am sure of it! Already my digestive issues are better. Of course, I was talking to Google the other day when we found out that I probably have low stomach acid. Reading a W30 success story, I realized that this might become a thing of the past for me soon. I was also all set for an incontinence clinic visit and, happy day, a colonoscopy. I'm cancelling those for now and will see if they are necessary after W30!

I hesitate to write this but I am feeling so great I can't believe it! I don't want anyone else to feel bad if they are not. Believe me, my Keto flu lasted forever². ;)  Maybe the reason why on Day 5 I am already seeing so many results is because I went through sugar and wheat withdrawal with Keto! Of course, I may just be getting ahead of myself. Who know what Day 10 or 23 will bring.

#Whole30 #HappyPlace #Keto #NoMoreDiets #inflammation #lowstomachacid #peace #digestiveissues #motivation #nature #hip #hand #neuropathy #Day5 

i really liked this,, which you have shared. I find this is so nice. Thanks for sharing

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