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Hi, all.  I'm considering starting a W30 due to chronic stomach pain and nausea that doctor's can't seem to figure out (scope showed inflammation, but no cause).  

My issue is this - As of 3 years ago, I physically CANNOT eat meat- beef, chicken, pork, bison, duck... if it walks or flies, it turns my stomach into knots tied with barbed wire and spit roasted over a gas fire (translation: it's painful). 

Fish and seafood is fine. Eggs don't bother me, I just don't care for them.  

Is this program safely doable as written with this added protein limitation?

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Yes, it should be fine. You'll just use fish and seafood as your protein. The only problem you may run into is getting bored, but even that you can probably avoid if it's a concern by searching out different recipes or different types of fish and seafood.

The not being able to eat meat thing would suck, if you were used to eating it before. Is it something like alpha gal syndrome, where you got bit by a tick and now you're allergic? It's strange how our bodies can just one day go, nope, can't have that anymore. 


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Thanks for the reply, Shannon. 

Apparently, it is not alpha-gal. I just had a blood allergy test and the only thing it showed was a "mild shellfish allergy". *facepalm*

And, yes,  it was very sudden. Here I am, cruising along and prepping an Italian style stuffed pork loin to go into the slow cooker. Fast forward through a few hours of smelling and drooling over the pesto-stuffing goodness, and cutting into the beautifully twined meat.  About halfway through the meal, sudden agonizing, searing, doubling over to shield your stomach from invisible knives pain.  

Okay, maybe it was a bad cut, or I didn't cook it long enough, or any other number of reasonable explanations.  The rest of the food got pitched, just in case.  Next day, prepped and cooked another completely different animal (I can't remember, it was far less memorable than the roast) to the same gut-wrenching result.

A few more experiments over the course of a couple weeks and I finally gave up. If it flies or walks, it's off the menu.  That's fine, just don't take away my fish/seafood - I might have to get violent over that one. (No joke. Don't touch my fish.)

But now... three years later, I've found myself in a constant state of nausea with bouts of not quite as agonizing but still disruptive pain for about 6 months now.  We've tried a couple of antacids, I cut out sugar/caffeine/non-essential medications (vitamins, supplements, melatonin) for a while, went for gall bladder tests, had a camera shoved down my throat, an intestinal biopsy, and blood test for thyroid issues.

And they still can't figure it out.

So, here I am. Getting ready to figure it out on my own.  I've spent today prepping most of this week's meals to begin the journey tomorrow.


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