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Help! Is Ascorbate Bio-C compliant

David E

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Hi — on day two, and I feel not so great (horrible night's sleep) . . . but better than yesterday evening, when I felt like I was hit by a truck. Even after reading the timeline, I had *no* *idea* . . .

Anyway, I'm flummoxed and can barely type, but I'd like to know if Ascorbate Bio-C (by NutriBiotic) is Whole30 compliant. I started reading the label and trying to check ingredients, but got thoroughly lost. Any help available (photo of label attached)?!? Good Karma points available!






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Hi David E,

From what I can tell, this is Whole30 compatible. The L-ascorbic acid is just vitamin C, calcium carbonate is calcium, etc. Under "other ingredients" it says "none." This is where there are usually non-compatible ingredients listed, like dextrose, corn starch, etc. Hope you are feeling a little better today, welcome to Day 4!


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