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On day 9 (not my first whole 30). I stopped at my parents house and needed a snack and she had Wonderful Pistachios brand salt & pepper pistachios...she decants everything into containers so I didn't think anything of it. Ate two handfuls then later looked up the nutrition, and there is added sugar listed in ingredients, <1% of sugar, but still. I am so so mad at myself for not checking before I ate them. I was insanely good through my last whole 30 and not sure where to navigate from here. I can't start 30 more days from now due to vacation planned. Do I stick to the original 30 days just knowing it wasn't perfect? Stop and start again when I have a 30 day window? What is typically recommended? Thanks!

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Hi AndreaElizabeth,

Here's a helpful article written by Melissa about whether you should start over or not. https://whole30.com/start-over/ It depends on what your goals are for this round. If it is to kick a sugar dragon, then you might consider starting over. If not and sugar was the only non-compatible ingredient in the pistachios, it might be ok to continue on. Especially since you have a vacation planned that would interrupt your Whole30 round if you had to start over. Hope this helps.


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