Cramping and exhaustion with tennis

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I’m a recreational, but competitive tennis player in a hot and humid climate - I am a big sweater. I had a very difficult match on Tuesday (day 6) and had cramps pretty much everywhere during lunch after. They finally went away after a salt bath. I had another match today (day 7) and was just exhausted during, and then pretty out of it after. My friends wouldn’t let me drive to lunch. I didn’t cramp, and after I ate food was fine. I had coffee, eggs, avocado and coconut oil before the match today, then a banana, two dates and coconut water during. I normally drink Gatorade - since I sweat so much (my friends say to watch out for my splash zone) but sticking to coconut water with some salt mixed in. Any advice on how to push through this? Move my Whole30 to December?  TIA

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@TennisGeri First let me say I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination I’m just a gal who has been there.  The fact that an Epsom salt bath helped is a good indication that you are loosing electrolytes through a lot of sweat.  Somethings that helped me was drinking bone broth before going to my work out.  Also plenty of water like an additional three cups or more depending on the heat and duration.  I also took a nightly Epsom salt bath and added a magnesium supplement.  Coconut water with lemon juice lime juice and a date all blended together with Himalayan pink salt or sea salt (in a pinch) was my go to “sports drink” but that was coupled with lots of water.  Also keeping a banana, celery, or other quick snacks on hand for immediately after made a huge difference for me.  Here is a link of some good info on electrolytes and what they are and the role they play.  You could also google diy sports drinks without sugar to find some recipes.  

ha ha I also had a splash zone.


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I would consider an electrolyte supplement such as LMNT (unflavored) or Hi Lyte. You can find both on Amazon. You may also want to consider a fruit juice during your matches (see this article 

I would also ensure you are eating lots of starchy, carb-dense vegetables. I am highly active in the outdoors and it's not uncommon for me to eat starchy vegetables with nearly every meal. Of course, I also just LOVE me some potatoes! But that's how I feel best! I buy baby food packets and take them with me on hikes. I love the Happy Family Organic Baby Food, Apples, Guavas & Beets with 17g of carbs per packet and the Serenity Kids Organic Sweet Potato & Spinach with Avocado Oil Baby Food with 13g of carbs. 

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