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Fear of going back


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Yes! I experienced this paralyzing fear in my first whole 30.  Reading Melissa’s book Food Freedom Forever along with listening to her podcast helped me so much with this mindset. I’m re-reading it through this round because it’s just that good.  A big take away I had from reading it was that this isn’t a one and done thing, it’s a cycle, a process.  Part of the plan is the slide or “fall of the wagon” that cycles you back around to another reset whether that be 30 days or just enough until you are set right and feel better with previous NSV restored.  Falling off isn’t bad, it teaches you something about yourself snd your relationship with food.  Needing another reset is not bad because it deepens your understanding and strengthens your positive relationship with food.  Doing another reintroduction helps your resolve and is a good reminder of what does and doesn’t work for your body.  Every time you cycle back around to a reset think of it as leveling up.  Eventually you times of “sliding” away will become shorter and the times between resets will lengthen.  
if you haven’t read it, definitely read Food Freedom Forever it will definitely help with the all or nothing fear mentality.

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