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I don't really believe in much that claims to "change your life." So when a friend presented me with whole30, I honestly didn't expect much. I will start with a little background on myself. At 15 I suffered my first Crohns episode that resulted in a bowel resection. For more than 20 years I have battled the "disease." I've been hospitalized a couple of times but mostly suffer from inflammation, bloating, and severe diarrhea. Its never held me back but is a constant annoyance. Over the years I realized it was all about what I put in my mouth so I have been conscious of that. I'm a triathlete. I exercise frequently. Despite this, I maintain severe bloating and joint pain. Six months ago I jumped on the gluten free bandwagon and then went dairy free. While I felt better the bloating stayed put. The day after my last race, I started the whole30. I am at day 32 now and you have changed my life! I wish i had taken measurements but since I was skeptical I didn't. I have lost my bloat belly, 15 lbs, and most importantly, I have not had a single episode in a month. My joints feel great and I sleep like a baby. I have finally found the right combination of food for my body. I never once lacked energy. I won't go so far as to say you cured my Crohns because I actually do not think it is a real disease. I have told people for years that it is just a reaction to food and would not exist outside of personal choices. To me diseases are conditions we cannot control.

Thank you for providing me with the tools to change my life.


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I did forget to mention one adverse side effect. The end of week one I suffered severe gas pains. When you have slow moving intestines this is extremely painful. I believe this was just a result of so many added vegetables and fiber. Once I starting avoiding some vegetables it decreased.

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Amanda -

Your story sounds a lot like mine, though I was 21 when I was diagnosed. I'm so happy to hear the incredible results you had with the program. Trust me, it just gets better and better.

PS: I've found that I've got to stick to mostly cooked veg or things get really ugly, really fast.


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