Is my Whole30 over because of NOW Super Enzymes?!

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I’m on my first Whole30, day 21. Or I think I am, sigh. I’ve been doing well sticking to the program 100% but I’m not seeing any tigers blood yet and have been having problems maintaining energy levels. I thought maybe there was something I could do to boost my gut healing faster, so last night I was reading posts on the forums about probiotics and digestive enzymes. I was horrified to read a post that said that NOW super enzymes is no longer compliant! Before I started the program I did my research and found a forum post that recommended this very supplement! I went out and bought some and have been taking it since day 1. So is my Whole30 over because of this supplement?! I tried to do more research last night after I read that. I found a post where Melissa said she was going to research if they were natural sulfites or not but she never posted again after that. I never even noticed that little blurb on the label because it’s in 1 point font way below the ingredients, grumble. At least mine doesn’t say anything about milk ingredients like some other people mentioned. So do we know if those sulfites are natural? Do I need to start over? I really wish the moderators would remove all posts that recommend this supplement if it really isn’t compliant!!!

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Extrapolating from things like vinegar, where the label says "contains sulfites" but there are none listed in the actual ingredients, they're generally naturally occurring. I don't know which ingredient might have naturally occurring sulfites, but they are created through fermentation. I'm no expert, but looking at the label, I'd have put them in the same bag as vinegars which have the sulfite warning, but are compliant because they're not added.

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