Pan fried or roasted potato

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I guess that depends on what you mean by worse.  I personally think as long as you are using a healthy approved fat than enjoy them the way you like them best.  If you feel it is too much oil you can play around with amounts to how much oil you really need for the results you want.  That may also benefit the purse strings if you find you are happy With the results of less oil, because those good healthy oils can get expensive.  Best of luck with your recipe.  

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30 minutes ago, LizClegg said:

Thanks for responding.  I was unsure because I thought I saw elsewhere that you should start the potatoes in the pan and then finish them in the oven, but I don't see what difference it makes.  Is it better to heat oil in the oven than to heat it in a frying pan?  Many thanks.

"Better" how? Easier? Faster? Healthier? 

I toss cut up potatoes with a little oil and some salt, then fling them onto a pan and stick it in the oven. There is no reason to complicate roasted potatoes. They're supposed to be an easy thing to make. 

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