2nd Whole30 reintro dilemma

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I’m on Day 29 of my second ever whole30. My previous whole30 revealed that my digestive system doesn’t tolerate dairy well and I also have a gluten sensitivity. I decided to do this round because I was having a lot of joint pain in my hands/wrists. There was no medical explanation for the pain. That discomfort has gone away completely during this whole30. Should I reintroduce all groups or just a few to try to pinpoint the trigger for joint pain? Any feedback would be helpful! 

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I'm guessing/hoping that you stopped eating dairy and gluten after your first Whole30, so you're left with mostly legumes, non-gluten grains, alcohol, and the additives like MSG and carrageenan? 

Maybe take it as a slow roll reintro of those remaining items? A day for soy, couple days back to Whole30, a day for non-gluten grains, couple days later peanuts, couple days later other legumes? Because, like, if your hands hurt on soy day, but they don't hurt for peanuts or other legumes, then you don't have to avoid all the legumes. 

Does that makes sense?

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