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Get Fit to Pass the Police Academy Fitness Test


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I decided to put my goal as the subject line so that I see it each and every day when I come to log and journal. There was an opening in a police department where my friend works, and using her as a reference would have been a HUGE advantage in applying. Sadly, there is no way I would have passed the physical test to qualify, so I missed out on that opportunity. Now that my W30 is done, and reintro is done, I'm ready to start focusing on really training so that the physical test is no big deal. 

I finished my W30 a couple of weeks ago. I learned some pretty significant stuff during reintro and I find myself in uncharted territory. When I did W30s in the past, I still stayed pretty close to normal W30 eating (save for maybe being not quite so anal about labels and hidden sugars and soy and such). This time around, I was SUPER unhealthy before W30 and I really don't want to go back, but I want to find something healthy and sustainable. 

During reintro I had a nasty experience with a box of doughnuts (the info is in my Whole30 log if you're interested). Sugar scares me a little because I don't want to feel out of control ever again, and so far I haven't been successful with sugar in moderation. After the doughnut fiasco, I then bought some dessert for a night my son was coming over for dinner, and then I had the container of ice cream left in the freezer ... well, let's just say it gave Food Without Brakes a whole new meaning. 

But the truth is, I WANT to be able to enjoy sweet treats without feeling out of control. I want to get to a point where it's not an all or nothing. I don't want to need something sweet every night after dinner, but I would love to be able to enjoy responsibly when I feel like it is worth it. 

As such, I will be tracking my post-W30 log for the first time EVAH to keep an eye on patterns and to (hopefully) start realizing when I'm getting out of control before too much damage is done. I'm also going to be tracking my physical progress as well. I'm interested to see if there are any trends correlating endurance and food. 

Day 1: 

Coffee x 3 with coconut oil 
Breakfast: eggs, grapes, plantains fried in coconut oil 
Lunch: I'm pretty sure I forgot to eat. If I did eat, I don't remember what it was. 
Post WO snack: banana 

My workout today was actually pretty decent. I did treadmill intervals for 20 minutes (run/walk 1 minute each), with a 10 minute walking warm up. The walking warm up was longer than I intended as I broke my own rule and was responding to work messages while I wasn't "at work." I had sufficient energy to keep going, but I ran out of time. 


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Day 1 continued .. 

Dinner - roasted chicken, avocado, broccoli with clarified butter, and fresh tomato. 

I hit the dessert tonight and had some Trader Joe's pumpkin "super premium" ice cream, as sinful as it sounds. I ate more than I initially intended. I KNOW I need to stay away from sugar, at least for now, as I haven't figured out how to just have some. It seems that no matter what my intentions, sugar ALWAYS turns into Food Without Brakes. 

I went on two walks with the dogs tonight. The first one only Gen went, and she can straight up sprint as fast as I can run. The second walk with Gen and Ulli was far more leisurely. 

Goals for tomorrow: 
Roast some of the squash
Cook more chicken 
Workout: strength and cardio 

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Tracking Day 2 (October 21, Wednesday)

I can't get out of bed in the morning to save me, so that means I don't have time to get my workout in before work. Fortunately I'm working from home so I can still get it in at some point with just a little determination. 

Regarding my goals from yesterday: I cooked a delicata squash and a spaghetti squash. I did my workout at lunch. I haven't yet cooked more chicken, but I'm planning to do that after work. 

Breakfast: I had my coffee with coconut oil as usual. I plated some strawberries, delicata squash and chicken thighs. I ate the strawberries and a few bites of chicken before I just couldn't eat anymore. I kept the plate close so I could eat more if I started to feel hungry. I didn't. 

Lunch break: I did my workout on my lunch break. 5 minute walking warm-up, strength training circuits for chest, tri's and hammies, running intervals in between, and a walking and stretching cool down. 

Post WO snack: banana, protein shake. Note to self: order ISO-100 

Actual lunch: I finished eating the chicken and delicata squash I couldn't eat at breakfast.  

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