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Trying to stay compliant while on vacation


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I am currently on vacation and trying to stay W30 compliant. I’ve actually planned 4 crockpot dinners from the W30 slow cooker book at our Airbnb but today after a long day of traveling and being at the mercy of the family I’m staying with - we had to eat out. I hadn’t had much all day, just some compliant Jerky and some raw nuts. At the restaurant, I opted for a lettuce wrap grass fed burger with avocado, mushrooms and applewood smoked bacon. I also had a house salad and asked about the dressing- the waitress went and asked the kitchen and came back and said it was just balsamic vinegar, olive oil and Italian herbs. I had water for my drink. After the dinner within only a half hour I felt cottonmouth, bloated, gassy and brain fog. I’m so confused where I went wrong. Could I be reacting simply to being lax on the oils that everything may have been cooked in? Thank you for you thoughts! 

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Wild guess, but there might have been something in the bacon (it's quite hard to find compliant bacon) . . . plus I've found that staff don't quite get that when you say "vinegar," that there are no additives and such to the vinegar. And you're probably right about the oils used in preparation (again, staff at restaurants vary in their supporting customers with the food requests and questions — I've seen staff outright lie to customers). But perhaps someone else can shed some light?

One thing I've had some hassle with, however, that your story reminds me of, is how others don't quite get the level of commitment you made. I've had folks roll their eyes and say "It's not that much!" when talking about a certain ingredient I'm not eating right now. Sometimes it's frustrating — I'm not trying to be difficult! I just want to follow this program and see what happens, and any little slip or question isn't really worth it. And sometimes others don't quite get that (whether it's family, wait staff, or friends).

One thing to congratulate yourself on, though, is that you got good feedback from your body — and you paid attention, you noticed it! I think that's a pretty big deal . . . I hope you do give yourself some credit for that!

I know I didn't quite answer your question, but hope it's okay that I do a little cheerleading . . .

Take care,


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