Symptoms worse than before Whole30

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Hi.  I finished a Whole30 a few weeks ago.  When I eat grains in particular (and possibly sugar also), I find that my symptoms are now even worse than they were before I ever did the Whole 30 (ie disrupted blood sugar, bad sleep, bad digestion).  Is it usual to be even more intolerant to a food after the Whole 30 than you were before?  Many thanks.

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I don't think this is unusual. I don't know if it's that you build up a literal physical tolerance, like you can with alcohol or some drugs, or if it's more that you're used to feeling a certain way, and then you take out certain foods that you didn't realize were making you feel bad, so now your baseline of normal is better than it was. Then you add those foods back and you go back to your old "normal" but now that's worse than your new normal, and so it feels worse than it used to feel, when it was just normal. 

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