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Hello! I began my reintroduction after finishing my Whole30 10/13 and planned a 14ish day fast track reintro, doing one category at a time and then Whole30 for two days. I know I don't tolerate dairy well, so was going to skip that, and wanted to separate out soy from other legumes. I did soy this past Saturday (10/17) with some soybean oil and then a stir fry with tofu. Got some headaches with the soybean oil and then felt fine after the tofu.

Sunday mid afternoon I felt like I got hit by a bus of exhaustion and had to go take a nap (I never nap). I woke up that night feeling achey and ill. I have remained tired, achey, off and on headache throughout the week, Monday - Friday. I have continued the retintroduction plan, keeping to Whole30 for two days and then trying a new category (did other legumes, and now non-gluten grains today).

I am wondering - did I get a viral bug during my reintro or am I incredibly sensitive to soy? I would think being back on Whole30 and not having any soy since Saturday would lean towards a virus or illness, but I was curious and wanted to ask the community about severe soy intolerance. Also, what is the guidance on continuing reintro while being sick? I generally feel awful, so would it be too difficult to figure out if my body is reacting to food or illness?

Lastly - I get tested for COVID for work weekly, and thankfully whatever is going on is not that! Any insights would be great, thank you!

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