Nutrition and Training for RAIN (Ride Across Indiana)

Robin D

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I am currently training for RAIN, which is a 160 mile bike ride in mid July and need some help figuring out this whole nutrition thing.

Background: I currently CrossFit 2-3 times a week and bike 3 times a week (I'm building my base mileage now). Once I switch into full on training mode I will increase my biking to 4 times per week--one long ride, 2 moderate distance rides and then one short recovery ride. I plan on CFing 2-3 week then, too (one day per week I'll do both a moderate distance ride and one CF WOD, every other day I'll CF or bike). In May and June I'll need to complete two century rides and one or two 120 mile rides. My goal is to complete RAIN and that is it--no racing here. I'm planning, with stops, for it to take me about 13 hours. I need to complete it in 14 hours (they end the race after 14 hours).

I have no idea how much to eat, what to eat or when to eat for an event like this. I, of course, would like to stay as Paleo as I can (I do eat some dairy, but not a ton and not every day). Also, and I know this is slightly off topic, if anyone has some good cycling websites that can help me define my training plan a little more I would appreciate that as well! I've looked and not found too much.

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As for training, we just did increasingly longer rides until we were doing a century before the ride. We also trained in a hilly area although there aren't really any big hills in RAIN that I remember.

The one thing that helped ALOT on ride day was our rest stops. We had friends in a van as our personal SAG and we stopped approx every 20 miles (not at the scheduled stops to avoid the crowds). We had our own supply of food/drink even chairs to rest on. It was really hot that day so our support even had towels in the icy cooler to cool us off. Having our own SAG made the ride very enjoyable.

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