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Data regarding experiences for people 50 yrs old and over


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My husband and I have just gone through our first W30. I am 51 and he is 70.  I was hoping to find some data that shares the experiences of people 50 and over and their successes, trials, etc.  For example, is it more common for people in older age groups to take longer to get to the "tiger blood" stage?  Do people using medications at this time in life find that their dosages have to be adjusted due to the new food intake/lifestyle?

In Melissa's book "It starts with food" there is much discussion about how 100s of thousands of people have done this experiment.  I'd really like to see data broken down by age ranges.



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If you google 'whole30 forum over 50', you should get some threads with anecdotal evidence about experiences with people over 50.  This of course is not scientific as it is a forum collection of people's experiences but since these are people in your age category sharing their experiences, it's likely to be valuable information.

I don't believe that we have any plans to break down data by age groups as even within age groups, there are factors at play within age groups such as medical conditions, stress, family makeup and support, geographic location, financial differences etc... which would be a huge undertaking to determine what data was contributable to the age range and what was not.

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