Challah - Should I still do Whole30?

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Hi Forum

I have done quite a bit of searching for an answer but can't seem to find an answer. 

I am an orthodox jew and a sabbath observer.  As part of Sabbath, we are required to eat bread 3 times - the equivalent of 75 grams total, more or less, each shabbat.

While there are some questions on this forum about alternatives - I am not open to an alternative to bread due to Jewish law (I am open to a "healthier bread"), 


I have done whole30 perfectly in the past with much success but would only try it again eating bread on Shabbat. ( I wasn't always as sabbath observant as I am now)


My question - if I eat that amount of bread each shabbat, does it make sense to do the rest of the program?  Will I still get benefits or don't even bother.



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I think you should definitely still do the Whole30 :)  When you did it last time and didn't eat the bread, did you do reintroductions to determine how bread products affect you? If so, what was the outcome?  

I will confess I am not educated on Jewish law so please know I am not trying to be offensive here - do you have to actually swallow the bread? I recall a very old conversation on here about Catholics and communion and the whole30'er would remove the biscuit from their mouth after the ritual of having it placed by the priest.  Is that an option?

Whole30 is respectful of doctor's orders and religious practices and while you may not see the full results of the program, especially if bread products are something that really work against your system, I think you'll still find it worth doing and that you'll get good results from it - sometimes the results that we get from subsequent rounds is more mental than physical and that's totally okay and actually quite wonderful!

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Hi!! I am right there in the same situation!

I am in the middle of my first W30 so I can't speak much about the benefits but I eat gluten free oat challah, since it was made pretty clear in the rules that gf is better than regular challah.

I would definitely recommend consulting with your Rabbi about the exact minimal amount you need to eat- my Rabbi said I don't need to have Seuda Shlishit so it's only twice. He also told me how to measure a kzayit, which is important because it looks different in different types of bread, especially oat bread.

I was pretty stressed out about this issue but once I figured it out it's really not a big deal. Good luck!!

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On 11/9/2020 at 6:27 AM, tamar said:

Also, I totally share your frustration about lack of info on the intersection of Judaism and W30 and challah in particular!! I'm thinking I might post something here or elsewhere online about various Jewish/W30 insights when I'm done.

That would be a great resource to hear your insights/learnings regarding Jewish traditions/requirements and Whole30.  If you do post elsewhere, please share a link here :) 

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