"Compassionate Certified" Ground Pork... Not my Favorite


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Hm, so, I ordered some high-quality ground pork, defrosted it, cooked it up with some onions (same way I cook all my ground meat) and salted it lightly. I've been eating it in a variety of meals, spicing it with cumin, chili powder, copious amounts of fresh minced garlic, scrambled eggs, and pouring salsa over it.

And while I enjoy grass-fed beef, bison, ground chicken, and lesser-quality ground pork... this stuff just tastes sort of... dirty, to me. Dunno how else to describe it. I mean, I ate it all. I always clear my plate. :P

But I didn't really like it.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Do I have to keep trying it until I like it (I probably have two servings left to win me over!)? Any suggestions for making it delicious? I suppose not liking ground pork isn't the worst thing.

I wish I could like liver, too, but it was the first food in my life that nearly made me gag. Yikes!

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There might be an issue with that batch of pork and not high quality pork in general. I've begun to get high quality pork from Grateful Growers Farm - http://www.ggfarm.com - and love every bite of it. It makes the stuff I was buying at the grocery store seem sad.

Beef liver is probably an acquired taste. It has to be cooked just right and even then it can be "demanding." I find chicken livers relatively easy to eat.

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I plan to try chicken livers soon, once I've fully recovered from the "holy cow (no pun intended) this is dreadful!" from my beef liver experience. I've found myself capable of liking almost anything I once thought I didn't enjoy (e.g. coffee, eggplant, beets, tuna, salmon, mushrooms, brussels sprouts - wow, I used to "hate" many of my favorite foods!)

Thank you so much for the link! They look great! :D

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