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Sorry if this is already posted somewhere, I couldn't find anything on this specific product!  I bought "Noble Made by The New Primal Original Coconut Aminos" recently, which has an enormous "whole30-approved" label on it so figured it was safe. The ingredients only list coconut nectar, water and sea salt, but then the nutrition label list "added sugars - 4g" per serving. I know coconut nectar is approved, but was under the impression if added sugars is on the label, then the item is a no-no. Anyone have an answer on this? Should I be approaching added sugars in the nutrition label differently? TIA for your help!

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You're looking for sugars and sweeteners listed as ingredients. You can ignore the nutrition info completely, just read the ingredients. 

Coconut aminos is sometimes a weird item to deal with, because coconut nectar can be a sweetener -- you can read about why they're okay here:

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