Like a (broken) record, baby, round, round, round, (not on) round...

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I worked out yesterday, woohoo!!

It was just a level of Ring Fit but it was a hell of a lot more than I have done of late. It's a mental thing, once I have done one (similar to once I've got through the first day of W30) it makes it easier to do again.

Today I will finish those damn tuna patties, or throw them out. Otherwise, eating leftover roast post with mixed veggies.

Tonight is fish Tuesday (little tradition that developed when I used to work near the markets, so it will be salmon. Thinking maybe a coconut curry salmon on some cauli and broc rice. 

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Here she goes.... here she goes again.... Howdy peeps. I'm back. Again. Jeez I'm predictable. BUT this time is a bit different. It's not a round, it's not for set days, and it has slacker rules,

You're probably going to get more responses if you post a new topic of your own, rather than posting in someone else's personal log. I'd  suggest this part of the forum:

I loved last night's dinner, but Hubster wasn't really a fan, so I'll leave the Thai curries for me from here on out ;)

Was awake early this morning because I have a deadline today, and of course as soon as I woke up and the sun was coming up I started thinking of it. But instead of lying there dozing and fretting, I just got up and started working on it. That's a welcome change!!

I'm still having headaches, though think maybe I need my neck fixed. I've noticed that, as often happens on round, I'm not really needing lip balm, and I haven't had to take antacids since day 1. This is a favourite part of W30! I did get heartburn after dumplings, but sucked it up as punishment lol.

I am getting a bit more energy, I think . though by the end of the day I'm still exhausted.

I'm having a hypersensitive skin day. So annoying. Had to change t-shirt because I was wearing one of those jersey ribbed type fabric shirts and it was hurting the inside of my arms because they were touching it as I typed. This happens from time to time. 

Still didn't finish the tuna patties, so they're going in the bin. Today will be:

M1: leftover roast pork and veg with some sort of sauce - maybe coconut aminos and chilli oil

M2: eggs and kraut with a dollop of mayo

M3: Pork scotch fillet steak with eggplant caponata (eggplant, tomatoes, onion, capsicum, garlic and capers)

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I slept SO WELL last night. Bed at 11pm, woke up at 6:45am to go to the loo. That's the longest stretch I have slept in a very, very long time.

Bit headachey today, but otherwise feeling good. I'm a bit proud of myself for still doing Ring Fit last night even though I felt crappy!

Today's food, I am taking the leftovers of the ribeyes we had (bones with a bit of meat still on) and cooking them into a beef soup which I'll add frozen mixed veg too. It will satisfy my need to avoid waste and sounds yummy.

Dinner is going to be crispy skinned chicken marylands with sweet potato mash with ghee and watever veggies I can rustle up from the crisper. 

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Lunch was a friend cauli rice with roast pork, carrot, Chinese broccoli and coconut aminos.

Dinner was the crispy skinned chicken with roasted sweet potato rounds and a delicious broccoli and snap pea salad with prosciutto and almonds, in a mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar dressing.

So the last couple of days I've been very tired at mid afternoon, and started getting really irritable around late afternoon, then a headache settles in. I know I should be eating 3 meals and I think that's my issue. Tomorrow, I'll make sure to have an earlier meal.

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I'm so glad it's the end of the week. I don't know why this has been such a week, but it really has.

Last night I was thinking about dinner tonight and started actually getting super stressed and anxious because over the last 2 weeks we have had all the different proteins, and the weather is hot and I don't want to run the oven etc etc etc - which is SO daft. Like... it doesn't matter? It doesn't have to be fancy, or exciting, it just needs to be food? I hate when I get that much inside my head. I love cooking, and I love planning food, but it should never be stressful. Not for just home dinner, anyway.

So, as promised yesterday I'm actually having breakfast - 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, mushrooms and compliant salami, topped with fresh salsa.

Lunch will be whatever I dig out of the fridge, and dinner... well, despite actual anxiety over it yesterday, I am still to decide. I shall report back.

OH, I also woke up at 6:45am and actually got up at 7:30 after reading the news on my phone for a bit, not because I was anxious or anything, just because it felt like time to get up. If this becomes a thing, I might start morning walks.



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OK, so we now have a friend coming for dinner, so it will be Greek marinated lamb on the spit (Weber), cauli tabbouleh and a cherry tomato, spinach and feta potato bake. The feta is a sheep/goat milk blend and is my "worth it" decision so far this week. I have pita bread for hubs and guest but I won't have any. 

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Ever have those days where you don't feel like chewing? It's a hot day but I just wanted soup. So I threw the last of the (bit floppy) cauli, a broccoli stem, a carrot and the last of a sweet potato in a post, covered with water, added a TBS of yellow Thai curry paste and boiled til mushy, stick blender with 1/4 can coconut cream and YUM. I adore Thai curry, can you tell? And there's enough left for tomorrow! 

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Last night's dinner was totally yum and compliant save for the sheep/goats feta. Here's a thing - within an hour of eating it, my lips dried out to the point of pain and I was using lip balm all night, which I haven't been since I've been on track, and today I have that sore mouth feel I have also noticed goes away on round. VERY interesting, especially because goat/sheep dairy is not supposed to be as bad for reactions as cows.

Today I had leftover soup for lunch, dinner is going to be coconut yogurt tandoori chicken thighs with chilli garlic snake beans and leftover cauli tabbouleh. 

I'll fit another meal in there, not sure what yet though! Maybe a snack plate of some boiled eggs, compliant salami, pickles, olives and pickled carrots

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I’m on Day 5 & one main reason I’m doing this is persistent skin eruptions that itch. Doc says it a kind of rosacea but I’m trying to figure out what triggers it. Alcohol is the clearest culprit so far!

but I have new eruptions (like colorless pimples) on my neck and face for the last few days. Histamines from too much citrus? And ideas?

thanks! Pam

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So yesterday the hubster had McDonald's for lunch, and lo and behold after a few weeks of eating such good whole food, it made his belly unhappy. So my dinner was leftover lamb, potato bake and cauli tabbouleh.

Today, we were going to the movies. I contemplated popcorn and decided against.

M1 was the last of the soup and the last of the roast pork.

M2 was coconut yoghurt tandoori chicken thigh, with cauli tabbouleh

M3 was bolognaise with zoodles and cashew parmesan.

I even sat next to the hubster while he ate popcorn and didn't indulge, I already had the dairy experience this week, so not wanting to mess with corn.

I'm so so sick of having a headache. I wake up with one, spend the day with one and go to bed with one. 

Otherwise, I've lost some weight because my pants fit today lol. I'm less bloated, my skin is better, and I'm genuinely enjoying the cooking, the sleep, and feeling a lot more clear headed. 

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12 hours ago, Pam at HNL said:

I’m on Day 5 & one main reason I’m doing this is persistent skin eruptions that itch. Doc says it a kind of rosacea but I’m trying to figure out what triggers it. Alcohol is the clearest culprit so far!

but I have new eruptions (like colorless pimples) on my neck and face for the last few days. Histamines from too much citrus? And ideas?

thanks! Pam

You're probably going to get more responses if you post a new topic of your own, rather than posting in someone else's personal log. I'd  suggest this part of the forum: -- just go there and click Start New Topic.

As for your issue, if you think it might be from too much citrus, the obvious answer is to cut out citrus for a few days and see what happens. If it's actually histamines, you may want to read up on histamine intolerance. There's a decent introduction here: 

Skin issues are one thing that seem to get worse before they get better for some people, and they can take a while to clear up, so another option is to just keep doing what you're doing and see if things do improve over time. 

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I don't know what's going on, but I am jittery, anxious, and on the verge of a complete screaming meltdown. I've been like this for 3 days now. I'm sleeping fine, and I'm eating plenty, and everything, but I'm just on a razors edge. I do have bad tennis elbow at the moment, which is just constant needling pain in my arm, and that's making my stomach roil, maybe that's it. But I'm getting pretty jack of it.


M1: Fry up all in 1 tsp of ghee - 2 eggs, field mushroom, baby spinach and complaint salami with a TBS of vegan red pepper pesto


M3: Tandoori coconut yogurt chicken thighs with cauli tabbouleh and chilli garlic snake beans. 

So glad that Wednesday is a holiday. It's going to be too warm for me to make salami, which is what I wanted to do, but I'm going to do something interesting and fun. I feel like I need to get out of my head a bit. 


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Foul mood has not improved throughout the day, and headache is back. Wondering if this is nothing to do with Whole30 and I'm just really experiencing burn out. I do hate my job after all. 

I ate the cauli tabbouleh for lunch with tuna and mayo, so side for dinner is stir fry chinese broccoli, carrots, capsicum and beans in a coconut lime stir fry sauce. 

I even thought maybe my foul mood was due to cutting carbs too much so I ate some sultanas with almonds, but nope. Turns out I'm just in a foul mood. 

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Good morning,

So far I'm in less of a foul mood, woke up with a headache but it appears to have faded so it might have just been me sleeping funny. Weird and whacky and sometimes upsetting dreams all night, but I did sleep reasonably well.

Tomorrow is a public holiday and I'm so glad. Not sure what I'm doing yet but I want it to be productive and fun. No just sitting in front of the computer.

Today food-wise I will finish the tuna/cauli tabbouleh/mayo concoction, maybe in some hollowed cucumber because there isn't a meal's worth left.

It's Tuesday, so dinner will be red snapper in lemon, garlic and dill ghee with my broccoli, bean and almond salad.

Mid afternoon meal will probably bee a boiled egg, olive and veg snack plate with red pepper pesto


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So here's a thing. Foul mood gone today. But guess what? Just like every other round I have done, once I'm a couple of weeks in my body decides, that despite me having a Mirena and NO periods for more than 6 years, it's going to give it the good old college try. I admit I forgot, but now the foul mood makes PERFECT sense. Just noting it down so maybe I remember for next time??

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Public holiday today, good mix of relax and productive. Got the airconditioners serviced etc.

M1 was leftover bolognaise on zoodles with cashew parmesan.

M2 was dill pickles, cucumbers, smoked trout and red pepper pesto.

M3 will be rib eye with a rocket, beetroot, pear and pecan salad with balsamic and oil.

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I did not eat enough yesterday, combo of not being hungry and being indecisive. We had a friend over for dinner and it was hot and humid so I didn't want to cook inside, but stormy and wet so I couldn't grill. 

M1 ended up being leftover roast lamb, with roasted pumpkin and sauteed spinach and balsamic

I had a pickle in the afternoon

M2 was grilled marinated chicken thighs, roasted potatoes and green salad with a lemon dijon vinigrette.

Was so tired, went to bed early and slept 10 hours. Still very much enjoying the W30 sleep!!

Today, being Friday, I usually got for something a little more fancy for dinner so when I take the hubster to his physio appointment I might hit the shop and see what springs out at me. 

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I really wish I wasn't still so tired. I'm going to get a full blood work done next week. I slept 10 hours last night and have been ready to go back to bed for hours already. Otherwise, in still getting headaches but I'm so used to then that's normal. Still a bit randomly cranky too. 

Not to say I'm not happy I'm doing this, just having a whinge!

M1 was pumpkin, carrot and broccoli curried soup, and leftover chicken thighs.

M2 was slow braised Asian beef short ribs with cauli fried rice with carrot, capsicum, peas and prosciutto.

I have under eaten the last couple days, very likely accounts for the cranky.

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Still cranky, but coming to terms with the fact that it's actually life that's bothering me, now that I don't have a permanent food/booze hangover I'm starting to realise that I'm not happy with a number of aspects of my job etc and it's all getting me down. Here's to working on that, eh?

Spent the weekend getting the house ready for renovations in the bathrooms and laundry - the whole place is a bun-fight but I still have full kitchen access so it should be ok. 

Yesterday's food was:

Leftover scotch fillet with cauli fried rice and hot sauce

Pistachio and pomegranate crusted lamb wrack with sauteed broccolini and asparagus and hassleback potatoes with ghee.

Today so far is 3 eggs with asparagus, mushrooms and red pepper pesto.

Not sure on dinner, I'm hitting an uninspired patch. 

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Another weekend gotten through.

We had bathroom renovations starting today and it is STRESS, but at least for the mess the houses is in, I have full kitchen access. Turns out to be a bit bigger than we expected, but it will be worth it in the edn.

Because we don't have a shower for at least 2 weeks, we will be going to the local public pool to have a swim and then a shower, either first thing in the morning (depending what time they are going to start each morning) or after work. The extra exercise will be welcome and maybe even habit building. I'll also be getting up much earlier than I have been, which is a good thing, because WFH has made me very lazy and I'll need to get out of that habit.

I made my mum's Manhattan Clam Chowder for lunches this week, it's one of my favourite summer comfort foods and didn't even need tweaking to be compliant. 

Food this week will be on the simple side - I predict having renos will challenge my patience, tolerance and all around fortitude. 

I know for a fact that I have zero chance of even vaguely compliant takeaway, so I need to buckle down and make sure that even if it is just grilled meat and green salad, we're fed.

M1: boiled eggs, baby beets, rocket and mayo

M2: Chowder

M3: Lamb chops rubbed with ras el hanout, salad of rocket, beets, asparagus, flaked almonds and pear with raspberry vinigarette

S: Salted macadamias

I'm still cranky and actually don't feel great - I have a bit of a heavy chest, scratchy throat, and snotty nose but I did a home test and it is negative, so I'm thinking hayfever from all the work going on. 

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