Like a (broken) record, baby, round, round, round, (not on) round...

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All the uh-oh, is it Covid symptoms are gone today, I think it was my body trying to stooge me because we had tradespeople over.

I was sooooo tired last night, so early to bed. Annoying that I had to get up 3 times for the toilet, because I had to come all the way downstairs, where we had to leave a light on, and the toilet is rudimentary at best so it really woke me up each time. Managed to get back to sleep though and did actually get a decent sleep. If we don't have a proper, working toilet tonight we are going to grab a local hotel room for the night.

M1: boiled eggs, baby beets, rocket and mayo (I am loving this combo!!)

M2: Chowder

M3 will be pork chops, sides will be dictated by the weather and whether we need to get a hotel room for the night.

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Here she goes.... here she goes again.... Howdy peeps. I'm back. Again. Jeez I'm predictable. BUT this time is a bit different. It's not a round, it's not for set days, and it has slacker rules,

You're probably going to get more responses if you post a new topic of your own, rather than posting in someone else's personal log. I'd  suggest this part of the forum:

OK, so no connected toilet in the house til Thursday, so we have a hotel room. It's been a bit of a trial and we're exhausted, so tonight we're eating at the bistro at the pub - I'm having a Mediterranean salad (zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, olives, rocket, feta cheese and balsamic and oil) will grilled lemon herb chicken strips.

This is one of those "I know the cheese isn't compliant and I doubt the chicken will be but I have thought about it" meals. 


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So last night went off the rails a bit - they didn't have the salad (or any salad) on the menu so I ended up going "stuff it" and having the ribs with slaw and baked potato. It was delicious, and I'm not sorry LOL. I am, however, sorry about the wine - at least my head is. Blergh.

We're back at the hotel tonight but will eat here first and only go there when it's time to settle in for bed. 

M1: boiled eggs, baby beets, rocket and mayo (I am loving this combo!!)

M2: Chowder

M3: Pork chops with roasted veggie medley (tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, celeriac, carrots, snake beans) with red pepper pesto


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OK, this whole mid-week staycation motel thing has really thrown me. M1 and M2 yesterday were as planned, but instead of planned M3 we decided to try a new restaurant in the area, I had planned on the salmon with potatoes and greens and sririacha bernaise but when I got there I went "screw it" and got the seafood pasta. Then I ordered a dessert for maybe the first time in 10 years? Plus there was wine.

All worth is, it was amazingly delicious, and aside from a slight, but well deserved hangover, it doesn't appear to have wrecked me.

However, as I have noted so many times, due to the wine I now have anxiety. I'd say lesson learned but... ugh. And this weekend I have my brother and his partner visiting and we're going away to a wine and food region, so I will be enjoying myself and getting back on track Monday.


M1: Chowder

M2: tuna, mayo, pickles and mustard

M3: the pork chops we were going to have last night. 

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