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Tinman starts another Whole30


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Saturday: today and tomorrow precede my Day 1. Working on getting rid of noncompliant foods, getting my head into the game by reading up in an old Whole30 Day by Day.

Reviewing my freezer and veggies on hand to see if I need to go out and stock.  I think for now my veggies are in good shape.  Good fats on hand and have a jar of Primal Kitchen Mayo handy so I don't even need to make mayo.  

Tomorrow, Sunday, I'll prep some proteins for the week.  

Compared to my first Whole30, there is now an abundance of convenience foods such as products from Primal Kitchen and Thrive Market.  My biggest hurdle isn't food prep though.  It's getting rid of the alcohol.  But I'v got resources there that I'll plunge into.

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