Getting back to it... but... so shameful

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So I have only done 1 round of whole 30 and when I did it was like 30 months ago... it gave me all the benefits I looked for.  Since then I i went back to the foods I know are not my friend but now I watch how much and when I consume.  SO - I really did learn from the experience and know I was better for it.  COVID has taken its toll.   I'm thinking of trying to implement the things that work and try to get back to a whole 30 ish compliant but built for me journey with food.  Example - if I only eat 2 tortillas and they are cassava flour with entirely otherwise compliant content then I am going to do this.  Grains were my Achilles heel, I have largely eliminated grains from my diet as a result of that 1 round - However - I am very torn on beer.  I really love IPAS and now I know I pay a price for them... but if I want a glass of red wine like in maintenance i would have one.  I could go on but... you get the point.

Has anyone done this?  Basically taken the lessons learned - go hugely in the lane but just not worry on a few deviations and been successful at a better overall health and well being level?  OR... does the process only really work for those who dig in and only comply? 

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