Help required post whole 30

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I completed my whole 30 last Wednesday 18th Nov and whilst I have definitely toned up & haven’t had a sore mouth/mouth ulcers for the 30 days (main purpose of whole30 for me was to reset & boost immune system as I was getting lots of mouth ulcers, sinus infections, dry itchy eyes & generally feeling tired) I unfortunately didn’t get that tiger blood, loads of energy feeling. I still have the blocked sinuses & my bletharitis seems to be as bad as it was before whole 30. I feel a little down as I followed whole30 to the letter & didn’t feel the wow I’ve got loads of energy moments from day 20 onwards.

i struggled to get the right amount of calories & fats into my body during the whole 30 & constantly felt hungry.

 Now I am post whole 30 I really want to maintain most of the whole 30 principles but I really need to increase my calorie count.

 I’m a 45yr old man, 180cm and around 72kg. I’m very active,  cycle 3 times a week and walk at the weekends with my wife & children.

my average food day looks something like this:-

breakfast - 3 eggs with left over potato or sweet potato & veg (Brussels sprouts, broccoli or kale)

 lunch - roasted sweet potato, tuna with home made mayo & steamed veg. Apple, avocado with carrot sticks

 dinner - fish, pork or chicken with butternut squash & roast veg

 any help or advice would be much appreciated.

 Many thanks



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