Breakfast Mini Meal Help Needed

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Hi All, 

First off thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm preparing to start my first Whole30 in January 2021. I need some breakfast suggestions please, but first let me set the scene.

In a morning I am the only adult in the house, with 2 small children (1 & 3 years old). I am breastfeeding the 1yo. I have to get both kids to their childcare settings, we leave the house at 8:30am. I then return home, alone :), at 9:30am where I plan to have breakfast so I can fully enjoy it and have the time to cook if needed. 

I need suggestions for what I can eat while the kids are still at home. It has to be egg free, quick (or prepared the night before) and ideally eaten with one hand (as I'll be using the other to feed the kids). I'm looking at this meal as a "mini meal", as I'll have breakfast once I come home. All I can think of is fruit and coconut yogurt, hoping you guys have a better imagination than me!

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I sometimes find that warm broth (veggie and/or chicken bone) can tide me over when I don't have time for a proper meal- if you have time to just heat it up. That plus fruit/nuts would probably be a good snack, til a proper breakfast later. Also is the egg-free criteria because of convenience/cooking time, or allergy/preference? If you do eat eggs, hard-boiling is a good way to have them always ready without cook time. (I am also planning to try whole30 in January- haven't tried it yet, but thinking about what kinds of things I will need to do to be prepared!). 

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