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Gluten free oats?


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So tomorrow in my reintro is Gluten Free Grains Day!

I am not understanding the deal with oats. As far as I understand, they don't really contain gluten but cross-contamination is so high that they are considered a gluten grain. Which is why people who have celiac don't eat them. Right?

But then... If I'm just looking for a few different grains to try tomorrow, shouldn't the gluten which is probably not in the oats be negligible enough?

Why is it that all of the oats and oat products I have at home are labelled as "containing oat gluten" instead of "may contain wheat gluten"? (My son has a nut allergy so I am used to dealing with "may contain". But this is not an allergy.) Again, I thought oat gluten wasn't a thing.

Basically, confused...

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Oat gluten is a new term to me, I haven't seen it before. This article has a little bit about what might be going on here:  https://ceres.co.nz/blog/no-oats-are-not-gluten-free-heres-why/

For Whole30 purposes, I would say oats are ok to use for non-gluten grain reintroductions. If you know or strongly suspect you are sensitive to gluten, you might choose to separate oats out into their own day of reintroductions to have a better idea of how they affect you.

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