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Hi I am new. Gonna start Dec 5th 2020.


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I also started on december 5th! How's Day 11 for you? I just made a modified chicken zoodle soup recipe from Dr. Will Cole's book The Inflammation Spectrum, which has a lot of compliant recipes. I didn't have zoodles, so I used diced red potatoes to bulk up the starches. I'm on my 5th Whole30 so this is not as tough as it was on my first couple of go rounds and I didn't stray too far from my supportive foods when I felt I needed a reset, so I'm already starting to see some of the benefits, but not as may as you usually do in the first Whole30, so it can be tough to stay motivated, sometimes, although today I'm going strong...bread though, sigh, just bread. lol! hope you are well!

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